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The eco guide to optimism

OK, the Sixth Mass Extinction may be upon us, but there are still some reasons to be cheerful Let’s begin with the bad news. First, Earth Overshoot Day – the point at which the world consumes more natural resources than the planet can renew throughout the year – shifted forward this year to 2 August, […]

The eco guide to renewable energy

Solar power is soaring, wind goes from strength to strength. Look for a mighty surge in renewables over the next few years One day in late March, during a sunny weekend, something spectacular happened. Solar power broke a new record. The demand for daytime electricity in UK homes fell to night times levels – thanks […]

Verrill Dana Environmental Attorneys Contribute to “A Practical Guide to Land Use in Maine”

Verrill Dana environmental attorneys Juliet Browne, Scott Anderson and Gordon Smith each authored chapters of the MCLE book entitled, A Practical Guide to Land Use in Maine. The guide covers topics ranging from licensing and permitting to wind energy and shoreland zoning. View full post on Wind Power News

A Minnesotans’ guide to climate change

Neither do we. We’ve sworn off using that phrase to describe the climate shifts that are increasingly evident throughout the planet, and are explainable by increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. View full post on Wind Power News

Colorado Wind Energy Installation Guide available for rural landowners

A new resource created for Colorado agricultural producers and rural dwellers eliminates guess-work for landowners interested in harnessing wind power. View full post on Wind Power News

Watch Home Made Energy Review – #3 Diy Solar Guide – Home Made Energy Review Energy Home Made Energy Homemade Energy Review made solar panels for your home Home Made how to build solar panels home made wind turbine Homemade Energy Home made energy review home made solar energy home made solar panels home made energy scam homemade energy review how made…

How to Make Solar Panel – A Quick And Easy 101 Guide to Solar Energy Production – How to Make Solar – A Quick And Easy 101 Guide to Solar Energy Production Making a solar at home is quite a daunting task and something that shouldn’t be attempted without fully committing oneself to a great deal of work. It may not be rocket science but it is certainly a tricky […]

how to build your own solar panel guide “REVIEWED”

“” and get this earth 4 energy guide and almost half price. Get help on homemade solar panels, homemade wind turbine,diy wind turbines, diy solar energy, diy wind power and more

Homemade Wind Turbine – Video Guide – (Free Energy)

part 2 can be found on Subscribe for free on our friends list and you will get instant access to the second part of this video tutorial. I have created a free video guide on how to build a powerful wind turbine at home using an old AC motor, some magnets and I have […]

How To Make A Small Wind Turbine-Easy Steps Guide

How To Make A Small Wind Turbine-Easy Steps Guide Small wind turbines gather the kinetic energy from the wind, and transfer  it into a type of electricity that you can use to power  your home,For best effect a small wind turbine should be installed at the top of a tall tower which is at least […]