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‘Harvest’ funds climate research with wind-powered cryptocurrency mining rigs

Creative means to fund climate change research may be an art project, but it could work outside of galleries, too. Given the fact that, for now, Earth's the only home we've got, climate change is a subject well worth researching. View full post on Wind Power News

“Sky Harvest Energy Corp (SKYH) – Alternative Energy – Deals and Alliances Profile” Published

The company generates electrical power by using wind energy. It has leasehold and contractual interest in lands, which are located in two areas of southwest Saskatchewan, Canada that comprise over 35,000 acres. View full post on Wind Power News

How We Can Harvest Wind Power From Tiny Flapping Flags

Wind energy typically conjures up images of towering turbines being revved up by massive, spinning airfoils. At a much smaller scale, however, it’s also possible to harvest wind power from the friction of flapping flags. View full post on Wind Power News

Infographic: How to harvest wind power

You may use the Headline, Deck, Byline and URL of this article on your Web site. View full post on Wind Power News

UK ‘needs farmers to harvest wind’

Allowing farmers to use renewable energy technology on their land will help the nation meet its future food and energy needs, experts suggest. View full post on Wind Power News

Sky Harvest sells Saskatchewan wind power assets

Sky Harvest Energy Corp. sold its interest in assets relating to its Sky Harvest Project located in southwestern Saskatchewan to a Canadian wind power development company, including its leasehold interests in about 15,000 acres of land, accumulated wind data, environmental assessment studies and its meteorological tower. View full post on Wind Power News