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‘I’ve got the sun above me’: How to power your home with renewable energy

Rob Sedgwick says it's too cost-prohibitive to build an off-grid energy system that powers a home's electrical, cooling and heating needs. For homeowners looking to break free from the grips of Nova Scotia Power and its occasional outages, there are options. View full post on Wind Power News

Artificial Trees That Could Power A Home Or Replace Wind And Solar Farms

Tech Meets Art In A life-like 'Energy Tree' With e-leaves That Suck Up Sunshine And Quiver In The Breeze To Produce Solar And Wind Power. LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 22, 2018 / / — The 16ft solar/wind tree can generate nearly three times the electricity an average family uses in a year and […]

Answer Man: Rochester, home to three small grain bins

The Answer Man received this postcard from a guest at a local hotel. Does this look like Rochester to you? Dear Answer Man, I'm sending you this postcard from a Rochester hotel because I know you'll think it's funny. View full post on Wind Power News

German project looks to home photovoltaic systems to help grid

Grid operator Tennet and solar battery maker Sonnen GmbH have launched a pilot project that will tap home photovoltaic systems to help iron out imbalances on Germany's power network. TenneT and Sonnen's e-Services subsidiary aim to sign up 6,000 household PV producers equipped with storage batteries by the end of May. The project will be […]

Race for Home Power Storage Pits British Startup Against Tesla

Powervault Ltd. is preparing to boost production of its lead- and lithium-ion batteries, said Managing Director Joe Warren. The London-based company is targeting sales of 50,000 units a year by 2020, up from about 1,000 this year, he said. View full post on Wind Power News

Home of World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Maker Bypasses Trump Sphere

Denmark's minister in charge of energy policy plans to head to the U.S. this year to talk to state representatives in an effort to promote wind energy despite open declarations of hostility toward the technology from President Donald Trump. Lars Christian Lilleholt, energy minister in Denmark's minority center-right coalition led by Prime Minister Lars Lokke […]

Nearby Wind Turbines Cause Family To Abandon Home, Which Greenies Then Turned Into A Research Center

A Vermont family abandoned their home in 2014 after the installation of noisy wind turbines nearby, then environmentalists moved in and turned it into a research center to study the impacts of wind power on human health. The company behind the wind project that drove the Therrien family from their home recently declared bankruptcy, and […]

SpaceX has successfully sent rockets into space that can return home to be reused. Photo: SpaceX

In the year 1820, a person could expect to live less than 35 years, 94 per cent of the global population lived in extreme poverty, and less that 20 per cent of the population was literate. Today, human life expectancy is over 70 years, less that 10 per cent of the global population lives in […]

Home improvement: Post-turkey, ita s time to hang Christmas lights

I don’t know about you and your family, but at my place Thanksgiving weekend is also the official beginning of the toboggan run towards Christmas. I usually put our Christmas lights on the house this weekend because it’s a relaxed “four-dayer” and the next three weeks will be filled with other unexpected surprises. View full […]

Morro Bay Could be Home to West Coast’s First Offshore Wind Farm

If a Seattle company gets its way, in a few years there will be 100 floating wind turbines about 15 miles off San Luis Obispo County on the central California coast, generating about 1 gigawatt of electricity. The Trident Winds Offshore Wind Energy Project would be a “first” in at least two important ways: The […]