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Ontario taxpayers on hook for $25 million over stalled wind power project

Trans Alta wind turbines operating in the townships of Amaranth and Melancthon near the Town of Shelburne. A wind turbine company has been awarded $25 million after Ontario shelved its offshore energy plans. View full post on Wind Power News

Red Hook: Berth of a nation! Red Hook dock owner wants to house historic S.S. United States

Ship shape: The S.S. United States once hosted celebrities like John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, but is not looking so grand these days. The owners of historic luxury passenger liner the S.S. United States – which is currently wasting away in a Philadelphia berth – are trying to save the ship from the scrap […]

How to hook up a wind turbine to plug in grid tie inverter Missouri Wind and Solar review report

Our website Missouri Wind and Solar Find us on Ebay at http This video shows how to connect our wind turbine up to a plug in grid tie inverter.I have everything for the do it yourselfer on our website email me at

Norway energy deal wriggles UK further onto fossil fuel hook | Damian Carrington

Ensuring the short-term supply of gas and oil is essential, but only clean energy will secure the UK’s energy future Can you spot the oxymoron: “sustainable development of Arctic energy”? As the polar ice melts, taking the opportunity to drill out more of the fossil fuel that via global warming is driving that melting can […]

PT. 2 HOW TO HOOK WIND AND SOLAR TO BATTERY how to hook up wind and solar to a charge controller and battery