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To destroy human civilisation we just need to continue with business as usual | Letters

China‚Äôs strategy for dealing with air pollution is a cosmetic exercise cynically timed to coincide with the Paris summit on climate change (Airpocalypse now: factories and schools in Beijing shut by unprecedented smog alert, 9 December). The 24-hour WHO limit for small particulates is 25 microgrammes per cubic metre of air, though recent studies have […]

Can YOU hear wind farms? Researchers prove human hearing is better…

Wind farms are not only a blight on the landscape, the noise of these giant structures can make you ill. This is the controversial claim of some turbine opponents who infrasound from the rotor blades and wind flow is damaging our health. View full post on Wind Power News

Human powered generator part 1

This is how to build a neodymium generator that can be human powered with a single coil, and will reach 8 volt’s. This will be converted into a wind generato…

Electric Power a Basic Human Right

Recognizing the importance of energy for sustainable world development, commercial and non-governmental organizations are now joining solutions to fulfill the United Nations goal of making 2012 the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. View full post on Wind Power News