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Harvey gives wind industry its first hurricane test: report

The question of whether wind farms could withstand hurricanes has dogged the nascent wind energy industry for years. Hurricane Harvey has answered that question. View full post on Wind Power News

Texas wind farms might have dodged a bullet with Hurricane Harvey

Most of the wind farms are in West Texas, far away from the coast. During the hurricane, they continued operating normally. View full post on Wind Power News

Hurricane Harvey Halts Domestic Oil and Gas Production

In this four-part mini-series, we'll unpack how large firms can get down to the grassroots level when it comes to engaging communities around health and wellness. In this editorial series in partnership with Covanta Environmental Solutions, we'll explore steps your company can take to edge closer to zero waste targets. View full post on Wind […]

Hurricane Harvey and the Texas threat

Longevity, in a word. Hurricane Harvey is forecast to stay in the area for as long as four days. View full post on Wind Power News

A Hurricane Briefly Helped Wind Power Overtake Nuke Power in the U.K.

When the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo blew through northwestern Europe earlier this week, the storm’s strong winds helped the country to consume a full one percent more wind power than nuclear power on Tuesday. During the storm, the United Kingdom received 14.2 percent of its energy from wind power, versus 13.2 percent produced by nuclear […]

Hurricane helps U.K. wind power briefly overtake nuclear

As the European Union looks to set new emissions reduction targets in Brussels, the United Kingdom is coming off a significant energy production milestone. Thanks to the onslaught of high winds brought by Hurricane Gonzalo, wind turbines outproduced nuclear power plants on Tuesday — supplying 14.2 percent of all electricity to nuclear’s 13.2 percent. View […]

Could wind power knock down hurricane strength?

It almost sounds too good to be true: Install tens of thousands of wind turbines in the Gulf of Mexico and you not only get clean electricity, you also knock out the catastrophic punch of hurricanes. View full post on Wind Power News

Thousands of Offshore Turbines May Reduce Hurricane Storm Surge

In addition to replacing fossil fuels by creating clean electricity, offshore wind turbines could help alleviate storm surges and wind speeds caused by hurricanes effectively saving billions of dollars in damages and lives each year, according to a Stanford University engineering professor. View full post on Wind Power News

Least Intense Hurricane Season (So Far) Since 1983

If one were to look at strictly the raw data, the Atlantic’s 11 tropical storms this year compares rather close to the 150 year average of 12 storms. View full post on Wind Power News

Changes at EDC, Hurricane Sandy & Christmas Tree Chaos

This week, the State House Report centers on a pair of stories involving Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s decision making skills: the nomination of William J. Parsons for head of the RIEDC and the controversial “holiday tree” lighting. View full post on Wind Power News