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Batteries included in energy storage ideas | Letters

Whatever the WWF says, peak demand for gas-fired generation will be larger, says Steve Bolter, while Chris Underwood pours cold water on the IMechE‚Äôs hydrogen proposal The WWF has been oversimplistic in its argument that no further gas-fired power stations are needed (Report, 14 May). The forecast increase in annual renewable electricity production is only […]

Searching for Business Ideas? 9 Industries that Obama Policies Will Actually Help

According to a recent report by research firm IBIS World , President Obama’s policy goals are expected to be key drivers of potential revenue growth, innovation and available federal subsidies in a handful of industries. View full post on Wind Power News

Den Tandt: The Liberals must embrace big, bold ideas to survive

The Liberal party, whether led by a seasoned politician like Bob Rae or a charismatic neophyte like Justin Trudeau needs to break out of its policy paralysis and start pitching bold ideas to address some of this country’s problem files: energy, health care and the environment. View full post on Wind Power News