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Wind energy proposal may dictate industry’s future in Ohio

Two much different proposals – one easing restrictions stifling new wind farms and another adding more hurdles for future development – are being pitched to state lawmakers and regulators. View full post on Wind Power News

Beware nuclear industry’s fake news on being emissions free | Letters

David Blackburn says we need decentralised energy sources; David Lowry on nuclear not being zero-carbon technology; plus letters from David Hayes and Fred Starr I wholeheartedly agree with much of your editorial (14 September), as the economics of new nuclear is weaker than ever at a time when renewables are coming in cheaper year on […]

Wind backers: Offshore industry’s jobs, manufacturing…

As President-elect Donald Trump continues to roll out cabinet selections with strong ties to fossil fuels and little love for environmental initiatives, supporters of offshore wind power are remaining confident, saying the renewable industry's potential for jobs and manufacturing will outweigh debates about climate change or clean air regulations. “I look at it as, we […]

The Mining Industry’s surprising turn to Solar and Wind Energy

When mining professionals the world over descended on Toronto’s 2015 Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention at the beginning of March, the investment outlook at one of the industry’s most important events was dim . A global economic slowdown and a glut of metals and minerals for construction, infrastructure and energy on the Chinese […]

Fiscal cliff threatens wind industry’s boom

Amid the fiscal cliff drama on Capitol Hill, there’s a behind-the-scenes push to extend a lucrative tax credit that has helped propel the recent boom in the U.S. wind industry. View full post on Wind Power News

Big Wind rooted for the president’s re-election. But the industry’s battle is still uphill.

Good-news stories are an increasingly rare find in the wind power industry these days, but Matt Riley has one. View full post on Wind Power News