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Intermittent approach to renewable energy | Letters

We need an energy storage infrastructure, says Jim Waterton, the Swansea lagoon decision should be reviewed, argues Robert Hinton, while Dr Tim Lunel wants solar subsidies restored Intermittency – in one word, the main problem facing many (not all) forms of renewable energy; in the UK, principally wind and solar, and now tidal (Hinkley Point […]

Idaho Power: Wind Power Intermittent, Short Notice Driving Up Costs

Idaho Power says it is nearing its limit of integrating wind power into its power grid and wants to start charging more to wind developers. View full post on Wind Power News

Are solar, wind and marine power too intermittent to be useful?

This Q&A is part of the Guardian’s Ultimate climate change FAQ • See all questions and answers• Read about the project Electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind, marine and solar helps to cut carbon emissions by reducing the need for fossil fuel power generation. Renewable energy can also diversify supplies, helping to make […]