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Why coal-rich Wyoming is investing big in wind power

Wind power is gaining ground in many conservative states across the American Plains, as residents begin to view investment in wind power as an economic opportunity rather than an ideological statement. Wind turbines soar more than 250 feet into the air at the Rocky Mountain Power's Seven Mile Hill Wind Project just outside Hanna, Wyo. […]

Despite Trump, American companies are still investing in renewable energy | John Abraham

Surveyed corporations stated that Trump’s election had no impact on their decision to buy renewable energy After the election of Donald Trump, many of us in the climate and energy fields were rightfully fearful. What would happen to international agreements to cut greenhouse gases? What would happen to funding for climate research? What would happen […]

COLUMN-Staid utility investing world upended by green energy revolution -James Saft

The formerly staid, predictable world of utilities investing faces a revolution as the price of solar and wind energy plunges, creating new winners and losers. Generally tightly regulated and thus with reliable cash flows, utility stocks and bonds have long been beloved by pension funds and other conservative investors for their safe income generation. View […]

China evinces keenness on investing in MP : CM

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today said that China has evinced keen interest in investing in the state – particularly in food processing, wind energy and mobile phone sectors. “However, it is not possible to mention the amount of investment expected to flow into the state from China. View full post on Wind […]

Investing: windfall profits for 2013’s best investment fund

Power-packed returns as wind and solar power nets Guinness Alternative Energy 11% gains Wind farms off Britain’s shores are being cancelled almost weekly. Hard-pressed governments across Europe are slashing subsidies for solar power and other renewable projects. Yet what was the best investment fund to put your money into in 2013? An alternative energy fund […]

Why is the National Trust investing in renewables while fighting a windfarm? | Chris Goodall

The trust’s opposition to wind turbines outweigh its heavily publicised efforts to improve its energy performance All praise to the National Trust for announcing on Thursday it would increase the use of renewable energies at its properties. The promise to produce more than half of its power and heat from heat pumps, wood, solar and […]

Investing In Offshore Wind Power

Last week, the long-embattled Cape Wind project got a break: Utility NStar agreed to buy 27.5% of the proposed offshore wind project’s output. View full post on Wind Power News