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Letter: Iowa’s energy lesson

I recently visited family in Iowa, and my son told me about their energy costs there. They pay a regular monthly amount that is adjusted at the end of the year, up or down as needed. View full post on Wind Power News

Iowa’s new wind energy report will blow you away

The Iowa Wind Energy Association report shows Iowa produces the highest percentage of electricity by wind of any state. That’s 28.5 percent of electricity from wind energy or 5,688 megawatts by the end of 2014. View full post on Wind Power News

Iowa’s Green Movement May Swing 2016 Presidential Election

The wind production tax credit is set to expire on New Years day but you wouldn’t know it judging by Siemens recently announced 448 wind-turbine deal for 5 projects in Iowa from Warren Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy. View full post on Wind Power News

Split over wind-energy tax credit part of Barack Obama-Mitt Romney fight for Iowa’s vote

For decades, the talk of the Midtown Cafe – located in what was once the Maytag Hotel – was about the happenings at the Maytag Corp., the appliance manufacturer that provided good jobs at good wages for many residents in this heartland community. View full post on Wind Power News