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COLUMN-Staid utility investing world upended by green energy revolution -James Saft

The formerly staid, predictable world of utilities investing faces a revolution as the price of solar and wind energy plunges, creating new winners and losers. Generally tightly regulated and thus with reliable cash flows, utility stocks and bonds have long been beloved by pension funds and other conservative investors for their safe income generation. View […]

We cannot afford not to have nuclear in our low-carbon energy mix | James Smith

Nuclear power must prove itself in cost terms – but we should not be thinking of giving up now The euphoric phase on low-carbon energy is over. There is no solution that is clean and cheap and always on. Yet we must make major investments in energy. Old coal and nuclear plants will have to […]

George Osborne’s gas push has shattered the climate change consensus | James Murray

The chancellor’s push for gas power has repoliticised an array of environmental and economic issues, argues James Murray When the history of climate change in the UK is written, probably from a bunker somewhere in Northern Scandinavia, the last few months will be noted as the moment when the country’s admirable political consensus on the […]

Environmentalism is not a religion | James Murray

Of all the nonsense climate change deniers throw at the green movement, there one criticism that does real damage, says James Murray Of all the blithering nonsense climate deniers throw at the environmental movement, there is perhaps one criticism that does real damage – that “green is the new religion”. We can handle the scientifically […]