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‘Not enough jobs’ from wind power, Ripon MP says

Russell Pearse and Act on Climate Victoria co-ordinator Leigh Ewbank prepare for a renewable energy community event in Ararat. Picture: PETER PICKERING Flow Power electricity retailer managing director Matthew van der Linden and Ararat Wind Farm general manager Stuart Liddell. View full post on Wind Power News

Misleading numbers on – clean’ energy jobs

Ohio has the second-highest number of renewable energy jobs in the Midwest , according to Clean Jobs Midwest 2017, a collaboration between Clean Energy Trust, an investment group, and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit comprised of business groups and investors. Let us take a step back. View full post on Wind Power News

Wyoming embraces wind energy, and the jobs that come with it

Their jobs involve dangling 300 feet in the air, roping the blade of a wind turbine. The work comes with a view across the Wyoming prairie — and a view well into the future. View full post on Wind Power News

Siemens closes wind turbine plant in Tillsonburg – 340 green energy jobs gone

Siemens Canada is closing its wind-turbine plant here, slashing more than 340 jobs and shuttering one of the town's largest employers. The closing, announced by the company Tuesday, comes after weeks of nervous speculation and one day of public debate over the factory, which was locked to employees Sunday night. View full post on Wind […]

America last: Trump’s budget cedes millions of high-wage jobs to China

President Trump's budget slashes investment in clean energya S-a Sthe biggest new source of sustainable high-wage employment in the world. In contrast, China's latest five-year energy budget invests $360 billion in renewable generation alone by 2020. View full post on Wind Power News

Colorado is still No. 2 place for wind jobs – and it’s likely to stay that way

Colorado will likely keep its spot as the No. 2 state for wind jobs as analysts predict a 54.7 percent growth in the business sector here during the next four years. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind backers: Offshore industry’s jobs, manufacturing…

As President-elect Donald Trump continues to roll out cabinet selections with strong ties to fossil fuels and little love for environmental initiatives, supporters of offshore wind power are remaining confident, saying the renewable industry's potential for jobs and manufacturing will outweigh debates about climate change or clean air regulations. “I look at it as, we […]

Million new jobs in prospect by 2040 even as emissions dive, study finds

Cutting carbon emissions in line with the Paris climate goals could generate more than 1 million extra jobs by 2040 as Australia transforms its energy and other sectors provided policy settings are right, a new study has found. The Jobs in a Clean Energy Future report, using modelling by the National Institute of Economic and […]

Ireland’s Wind Energy Industry delivering 300 jobs per year

The Irish wind energy sector is poised to create a further 1,100 new direct jobs by 2020, bringing the total number employed directly in the sector to 5,500 people nationwide. This is according to a new survey of 150 energy companies operating in Ireland carried out by the Irish Wind Energy Association . View full […]

Study: NC Green Energy Law Will Destroy 50,000 Jobs

General view shows wind turbines behind rows of solar panels in Avignonet-Lauragais, in the Midi-Pyrenees region, France, October 30, 2015. The mixed site produces electricity from a wind farm of twelve turbines and 20,320 solar panels. View full post on Wind Power News