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Germany just approved 1,610 megawatts of offshore wind power

Offshore wind turbines could soon provide more electricity for Germany – to the tune of 1,610 megawatts . The country recently held an auction for companies that want to build offshore wind projects, ultimately granting six construction licenses. View full post on Wind Power News

Kelp Farms and Mammoth Windmills Are Just Two of the Government’s Long-Shot Energy Bets

The goal of this offbeat project? To see if it's possible to farm vast quantities of seaweed in the open ocean for a new type of carbon-neutral biofuel that might one day power trucks and airplanes. Unlike the corn- and soy-based biofuels used today, kelp-based fuels would not require valuable cropland. View full post on […]

World’s soon-to-be largest offshore wind farm just began…

For all of their apparent benefits, it should be no surprise to anyone why many countries have decided to go all in for wind energy by building massive wind farms. Soon, the world's largest offshore wind farm will finally be in operation. View full post on Wind Power News

Just let Muskrat Falls go

Danny Williams can't seem to let go of Muskrat Falls because he was the one who started the project in the first place. What happened to the power that they clawed back when Grand Falls Mill closed down? More power can be derived from Bay D'Espoir with new infrastructure put in place producing another 150 […]

Turbine Breaks World Record for Wind Power Generated in Just One Day

A 722-foot tall, 9-megawatt wind turbine operating at an offshore testing site near sterild, Denmark has set a new world record for wind electricity generation. The V164 turbine, built by Danish energy company MHI Vestas, produced 216,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity in just 24 hours, enough to power 240 U.S. homes for a month . View […]

GE just launched America’s first offshore wind farm with turbines…

They make up the first offshore wind farm in North America, called the Block Island Wind Farm. The turbines started delivering power to the New England grid on December 12. The team began installing the turbines 30 miles off the coast of Rhode Island over the summer, and construction was completed in late August. View […]

Why Apple Just Invested in Wind Turbines In China

An anonymous reader quotes CNN Money: Apple's latest deal in China doesn't have anything to do with smartphones . The tech giant is investing in the Chinese wind power industry, turning to the world's most populous country to help it achieve its goal of getting 100% of its energy from renewable sources. View full post […]

Apple just made its first major investment in wind power

Much like other Silicon Valley giants, Apple is serious toward cutting its reliance on non-renewable energy sources – and this week, it took a major step on this front. The Cupertino company has invested in four Chinese companies owned by Beijing Tianrun New Energy Investment, a subsidiary of Goldwind. View full post on Wind Power […]

Just 10 new community energy schemes registered after Tories cut subsidies

Number of new local renewable energy schemes has crashed from 76 last year after government slashed support for wind and solar The number of new community-owned renewable energy projects of the sort backed by Jeremy Corbyn this week has plummeted after a series of government decisions have made many proposals for wind and solar farms […]

Is Eskom’s policy just trying to protect its own turf?

Currently, Eskom supplies the vast majority of electricity to our country. It generates about 90 percent and buys the rest from local independent power producers or neighbouring countries. View full post on Wind Power News