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Market Matters: The investment that keeps on giving

The state of Connecticut has issued a Request for Proposals to construct an offshore wind farm that will supply significant amounts of energy to the state, which currently relies nearly equally on electricity generated from nuclear and fossil fuel sources. One example of this is wind energy, which provides a wide variety of potential investments […]

Blackouts? What blackouts? How National Grid keeps the lights on

A visit to the chief control centre in Berkshire reveals how solar and wind are keeping blackouts at bay … for now Despite claims that Britain is on the brink of blackouts and amid forecasts of a looming cold snap, all is calm inside the room where a score of engineers and analysts work to […]

Texas keeps getting greener: Solar power, like wind a decade ago, is about to soar

For years, Texas consumers have been buying electricity through renewable energy plans. Now TXU Energy, the state’s largest electricity retailer, has added a twist: 100 percent solar power . View full post on Wind Power News

David Keeps Winning: Game-Changing Month for Clean Energy

Wow. That’s the word I’ve been repeating over and over this month, as news has rolled in of one clean energy victory after another. View full post on Wind Power News

The subsidised wind power debate keeps on turning

A RENEWABLE energy group says politicians in the South-West would lose more votes than they gain for denouncing onshore wind farms. View full post on Wind Power News

Judge keeps Montana wind farm contract in place

A California utility says a judge has kept an injunction in place that bars the utility from cancelling its power contract with a Montana wind farm because of potential threats to nearby golden eagles. View full post on Wind Power News