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Weatherwatch: The future is kite powered

Wind turbines are controversial. They are accused of being blots on the landscape, expensive to run and need good winds to work. But the critics could be silenced with a totally new way of generating wind power – using kites. This is a serious proposition. Power-generating kites are far more sophisticated than toy kites, and […]

Let’s go fly a kite: British team looks to harness wind power from the skies

Former yacht designer’s ambitious project intends to put huge kites flying over the sea in formation to generate clean, affordable electricity “Oh wow! Look at that, it’s really hoofing some power out now,” beams Bill Hampton, looking up at his outsize kite as it swoops over a wheat field on the Essex coast. The purple […]

Kite power prototype takes off in the Netherlands – video

A prototype ‘kite sail’ developed at Delft University measures only 25 square metres but can generate a steady 20 kilowatts of power View full post on Environment: Wind power |

Flying a kite for aerial wind power | Lou Del Bello

A 25 square metre kite sail could generate enough energy for 40 households, with less environmental impact than a wind turbine and reduced costs. View full post on Wind Power News

TwingTec’s Energy Harvesting Kite is a High-Flying Wind Power Generator

Kite flying may be the perfect leisurely summertime activity, but it could also help charge your devices as well. View full post on Wind Power News

TwingTec lightweight kite harvests wind energy up high

Another entry in high-flying kite-based wind technology has arrived and this one is being backed by a group of research institutes in Switzerland called the Swiss Kite Power Project which includes EMPA, the University of Applied Sciences Northwest Switzerland, the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the Federal Institute of Technology in … (more) […]