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LEGO CITY Wind Turbine Transport Set 7747 (part 3 OF 5) 720p HD

Wind Turbine Transport Item #: 7747 Ages: 5-12 Pieces: 444 Price AUD 79.99 Available Now Transport and build a spinning wind turbine! LEGO® City is going win…

Lego stop-motion: 7747-1 Wind Turbine Transport

Just for fun!

Lego owner to invest in German wind farm

Lego and its privately owned parent company Kirkbi will control 32% of the Borkum Riffgrund wind farm with 77 turbines Toy maker Lego says its parent company is investing nearly 3bn Danish kroner (£341m) over the next four years in the construction of a wind farm off the coast of Germany. Lego and its privately […]