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Let’s keep the wind in our sails and continue to make Britain a world leader in wind energy

Whilst the Labour conference was busy debating whether to copy Venezuela or Cuba's economic model, you may not have noticed a great news story this week. Wind power is now cheaper than nuclear. View full post on Wind Power News

Hinkley C’s future is in doubt. Let’s turn our sights to offshore wind | Huub den Rooijen

Falling costs and increased reliability mean this clean power now offers a mature part of the solution for the UK’s energy mix With the government re-examining the case for new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point, it’s a good time to reflect on recent breakthroughs in another low carbon technology: offshore wind. Offshore wind is already […]

Let’s use Tata Steel to build the UK’s wind turbines and green economy

Thousands of Tata steel workers may soon be in need of employment. The vast majority of the infrastructure for a decarbonised energy sector is still to be built. Is it really that hard to put two and two together? Following the announcement by Tata Steel that its Port Talbot plant is haemorrhaging money and will […]

Let’s go fly a kite: British team looks to harness wind power from the skies

Former yacht designer’s ambitious project intends to put huge kites flying over the sea in formation to generate clean, affordable electricity “Oh wow! Look at that, it’s really hoofing some power out now,” beams Bill Hampton, looking up at his outsize kite as it swoops over a wheat field on the Essex coast. The purple […]

New facility lets wind farm engineers train in Scotland

At the heart of the new facility at Crossgates, near Dunfermline, is a recently decommissioned German-built Senvion MD70 wind turbine. View full post on Wind Power News

Claim: Let’s put batteries on wind and solar farms

Renewable energy holds the promise of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. But there are times when solar and wind farms generate more electricity than is needed by consumers. View full post on Wind Power News

Let’s not martyr the white-throated needletail to the anti-wind cause | Harry Huyton

The death of any bird is tragic, but when it comes to climate change we are talking about extinction of whole species This week an extraordinary animal paid a visit to our shores. The elegant and lightning-fast white-throated needletail breeds mostly in China and migrates to Australia, so it was unusual sight dancing around the […]

Letters: Let’s put an end to utilities milking the consumer

Downing Street is promising “swingeing fines” on energy companies if allegations of manipulating the market in wholesale gas prices are proven – a nice little earner for the Treasury (Davey warns energy firms, 14 November). Fining utility and transport companies hurts only one group: their customers, for whom prices will rise further in order to […]