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Letter: Any disruption to fishing industry from offshore wind…

The region's fishing community has every right to be concerned that new offshore wind farms could affect their industry . In the near term, restrictions will be necessary in the area of construction. View full post on Wind Power News

Letter: Legislation needed to support solar, wind power initiatives

Now that committees in both the Indiana House and Senate have had a chance to hold public hearings on proposed changes to Indiana's renewable energy policies, the Indiana Energy Association of investor-owned utilities will support the legislation – even though it has changed substantially from what was first introduced. Many of the criticisms about this […]

7 Companies Support Clean Line in Letter to Hutchinson

Seven companies with significant operations in Arkansas spoke out Tuesday in support of the controversial Plains & Eastern Clean Line power transmission project in a letter to Gov. Asa Hutchinson. View full post on Wind Power News

Letter: Nobody can be aware of cost of floods

Roger Carter seems to be living in the fairyland created by the fossil fuel propaganda machine where climate change is not occurring when he suggests that we should continue to burn coal to keep the lights on is astonishing considering the costs to our grandchildren of such a policy. The scientific advice for the last […]

Senate stands for environment with approval of renewable energy bill | Letter

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Green Energy Command Center at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013. Here, Theo Breitenstein, president of Emacx Systems, explains to guests how the Green Energy Command Center tracks energy production and consumption of the university’s solar panels and co-generation plant. View full post on Wind Power […]

Abbott government pledges to appoint a windfarm commissioner in leaked letter

Exclusive: draft letter from Greg Hunt to crossbench senators details promises made to win their support for renewable energy legislation The Abbott government will appoint a “windfarm commissioner” to handle complaints about turbine noise and a new scientific committee to investigate, again, their alleged impacts on human health, in a late-night deal with anti-wind senators […]

Letter: Kansas should turn natural resources into power

The study conducted by Randy Simmons, the “Charles G. Koch” Professor at Utah State University and a major recipient of funding from the fossil fuel industry billionaires, and his colleague contains major errors. Once these errors are corrected, my analysis shows state Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, which require that a certain percentage of electricity come […]

Fight to bring wind energy project off coast of Atlantic City must continue: Letter

It defied logic that the state Board of Public Utilities would fail to support the proposed wind energy project off the coast of Atlantic City. The project has the opportunity to bring jobs to Atlantic City and the region at a time when Atlantic City is in dire straights. View full post on Wind Power […]

LETTER: Renewable energy will exhaust economyLETTER: Renewable energy …

LETTER: Renewable energy will exhaust economy Fossil fuels still the answer, not renewables pushed by Dems trying to limit opportunity Check out this story on Wind-powered turbines spin at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority headquarters in Atlantic City. View full post on Wind Power News

Letter: Wind energy’s benefits

We are charged with the protection of Southeast Washington’s incredible natural beauty for future generations. View full post on Wind Power News