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Nuclear is to wind as Betamax is to Netflix – why Hinkley Point C is a turkey | Letters

Christopher Jessop on why the UK is still backing nuclear power as others dump it; Andrew Warren on how energy efficiency can save us from the ‘energy gap’; Brian Price on the inaccuracy of a 2007 prediction by the head of EDF You report (4 July) that the cost of Hinkley C power station has just […]

‘Mad Alex’: Donald Trump letters abuse Scottish ex-first minister

Messages sent before his White House campaign show US president-elect harassing Alex Salmond over windfarms Donald Trump harangued the former first minister of Scotland as “Mad Alex” and accused him of being on a “march to oblivion” in a series of increasingly angry and eccentric letters about windfarms he claimed were blighting his Scottish golf […]

Non-nuclear options for constant energy | Letters

Energy secretary Amber Rudd (Letters, 21 April) clearly has the gift of clairvoyance. She says that no liabilities would fall to the UK taxpayer or consumer should Hinkley Point C be cancelled. Who, pray, would foot the bill to complete the project should EDF withdraw after a few years of construction when cost and time […]

To destroy human civilisation we just need to continue with business as usual | Letters

China’s strategy for dealing with air pollution is a cosmetic exercise cynically timed to coincide with the Paris summit on climate change (Airpocalypse now: factories and schools in Beijing shut by unprecedented smog alert, 9 December). The 24-hour WHO limit for small particulates is 25 microgrammes per cubic metre of air, though recent studies have […]

Nuclear is not the answer to the climate crisis | Letters

Contrary to the article by James Hansen, Kerry Emanuel, Ken Caldeira and Tom Wigley (Nuclear power paves the only viable path forward on climate change, 3 December), many scientists around the world remain sceptical that nuclear is the answer, or even part of the answer, to climate change. The academic authors have a fine record […]

Tax credit for wind power is good policy: PennLive letters

Re Kenneth E. Keister’s Sept.17 letter, ” Stop wasting our money on solar, wind subsidies ,” federal incentives encouraging the growth of various forms of energy are nothing new and have existed for decades. View full post on Wind Power News

Letters: Long-term costs of fracking wells

David Hookes (Letters, 2 July) argues that roughly 5% leakage would make methane leaking from fracking wells into a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide from coal burning. Is it possible to maintain leakage very much below 5%? A suitable target would be 0.5%. The proponents of fracking argue from existing technology that a […]

Letters: More light and less heat over energy supply

Why is it necessary for those writing about the future UK energy situation like Michael Hanlon (Energy, not bribery, 2 May) to refer to “the lights going out”? The outcome is likely to be far less dramatic. It’s quite correct that a great deal of old coal and nuclear capacity will be retired over the […]

Letters: Changing course on nuclear power

George Monbiot (The end of nuclear power? Careful what you wish for, 5 February) slams Germany for increasing its CO2 emissions last year by 5% – but he fails to look at the bigger picture. Germany is embarking on a radical “energy turnaround”. With such a massive project, some negative outcomes are to be expected […]

Letters: Windfarm support

While windfarms are certainly a matter of contention within the government, this is not a reflection of the nation at large (Windfarms: the bitter fight dividing the UK, 1 December). A recent ICM opinion poll commissioned by the Co-operative found 48% would support a wind turbine near their home, more than double the 22% who […]