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Underwater video shows marine life growing at wind farm

Offshore wind proponents are touting new undersea footage that suggests a vibrant marine habitat is growing around the nation's first offshore wind farm – a five-turbine operation off Rhode Island's waters. The American Wind Energy Association, an industry trade group, says the roughly two-minute clip it posted on YouTube this week shows the potential for […]

Weatherwatch: extending life of turbine blades is next challenge for wind power

Researchers are investigating materials that are resistant to the extreme climate conditions Onshore wind turbines have become the cheapest form of generating electricity in the UK – and many other windy parts of the world. This is partly because the design of blades to make maximum use of available wind has improved along with the […]

Coal in decline: an energy industry on life support

Special report: The pace of coal plants shutting down in Australia could mean the country’s fleet could be gone before 2040. The transformation is enormous – and seems inevitable • Support our independent journalism and critical reporting on energy and the environment by giving a one-off or monthly contribution For a glimpse into the future […]

Life cycle assessment and net energy analysis of offshore wind power systems

Environmental impact and energy benefit of offshore wind power was evaluated. Installing an offshore substation would lead to higher environmental impact. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind turbines spin to life

This month, the Amazon Wind Farm US East spun to life in Pasquotank and Perquimans counties, where 104 turbines, each almost 500 feet tall, rose up west of the U.S. Highway 17 North Bypass. The wind energy facility has brought new jobs and major investment to the area. View full post on Wind Power News

The Country Life: Harnessing the power of the wind – or not

Wind and solar energy systems are represented outside the Falcon offices of Mountain View Electric Association Inc. Bill Radford/The Gazette When I moved to the countryside east of Colorado Springs, I was told to expect wind – a lot of it. There’s not much to block it on the prairie. View full post on Wind […]

Minimal sound and almost no fury: life in the shadow of Australia’s windfarm ‘hell’

As the political cacophony about ‘noisy, visually awful’ wind turbines reaches fever pitch, Calla Wahlquist visits the farmers who host one of the southern hemisphere’s largest windfarms and finds them stubbornly unperturbed Bernice Davies is not one to let confusion get in the way of hospitality. She rallied quickly after a brief pause to take […]

Wind energy proposal at Port of Paulsboro ‘Not dead, but on life support,’ Burzichelli says

An artistic rendering of a wind energy converter. A new feasibility study says the Paulsboro Port will be a viable place to construct these converters to be shippped to the Atlantic Ocean for a wind energy project. View full post on Wind Power News

A life in energy: what do you do?

From nuclear safety engineers to offshore wind technicians, we meet six people working at the frontline of the energy crisis As the demand and price of energy continues to surge so too does the sector’s need for new staff. Many energy firms have an ageing workforce nearing retirement, and a shortage of trained graduates has […]

Wind Farm life cycle lecture

From the planning and design phase to the re-use or demolition phase, the life cycle of a wind energy farm includes several stages. View full post on Wind Power News