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Round of strong storms likely late in the day Sunday

A strong cold front moving into the Tennessee Valley Sunday will bring the risk of widespread heavy rain and strong storms. Between now and Sunday, a very strong area of low pressure will develop over the Southern Plains. View full post on Wind Power News

Colorado is still No. 2 place for wind jobs – and it’s likely to stay that way

Colorado will likely keep its spot as the No. 2 state for wind jobs as analysts predict a 54.7 percent growth in the business sector here during the next four years. View full post on Wind Power News

Weather trends likely to affect utilities

This map shows the monthly mean temperatures during December of 2015. Areas in red averaged between 41.5 and 45.4 degrees, in dark orange between 40.1 and 41.5, in light orange 39.0 and 40.1, yellow between 38.1 and 39.0, light green between 37.4 and 38.1, dark gree between 36.5 and 37.4, light blue between 35.4 and […]

Wind and solar power likely to match gas on cost by 2020, say UK climate advisers

Climate Change Committee say that onshore windfarms and large solar projects will soon be cost competitive with gas, given expected cost of carbon Onshore wind and large solar farms are likely to be competitive on cost with gas-fired power generation by the end of this decade, according to the government’s climate change advisers, but only […]

Turnbull likely to disappoint green groups

Climate campaigners are urging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to take a more aggressive stance on climate policy but early signs are they will be disappointed. Mr Turnbull is a former environment minister and lost the leadership of the Liberal Party to Tony Abbott in 2009 over his support for emissions trading. View full post on […]

RBI cuts repo rate, EMIs likely to go down

Latest GDP numbers show the Indian economy cruising at 7.3 per cent, but there is lot of below the headline numbers that show pockets of weakness. The new friendship between Ma and Sharma follows a deal in February this year in which Ant Financial invested about $500 mn for a 25% stake in Paytm. View […]

Asia, Africa likely biggest growth markets for wind power

Wind turbines are viewed at a wind farm on March 27, 2015 in Taft, Tex. In South Africa there were significant wind installations in 2014 for the first time, as the country grapples with problems with its coal-fired power plants, he said. View full post on Wind Power News

Tory MPs more likely to oppose windfarms than British public poll

Conservatives opposition undermining projects and investment in renewables, say wind energy companies Conservative MPs are much more likely to oppose onshore wind farms than the national average of the public, a new poll has found.About four out of five Tory MPs are likely to oppose onshore wind farms in their constituency, according to the poll […]

City likely to choose not to have wind farm …if anyone will listen

Wind energy is clean. Producing electricity from wind produces no ugly smoke. It needs no large amounts of water. View full post on Wind Power News

Carbon fiber likely to be used in your next car

Carbon fiber has received quite a bit of attention lately, primarily due to its extensive use in Boeing’s high-tech, lighter weight 787 Dreamliner airplanes. View full post on Wind Power News