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It’s true, wind turbines are monstrous. But I have learned to love them | Alice O’Keeffe

At first I resented the way they blocked the view. But now the towers look like part of a brighter future Over the last few months I have been watching with mixed feelings as the Rampion wind farm emerges like a great monster from the sea off Brighton beach. It has happened so quickly: one […]

The UK public love wind power and they don’t even know it

A new poll suggests British people grossly underestimate public support for new energy technologies – is negative news reporting to blame? Back in 2014, David Cameron told the House of Commons Liaison Committee that people are “basically fed up” with wind farms. In 2015, his government then went on to not only cut subsidies for […]

Viewpoints: Is Texas falling out of love with wind power?

The Lower Colorado River Authority in 2009 signed an 18-year agreement to purchase power from the 200-megawatt second phase of the Papalote Creek Wind Farm, about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi. Now the LCRA is looking for a way out of that contract because wind power prices have dropped by nearly half. View full […]

People love renewable energy, so why don’t politicians get it?

From Robin Hood Energy to solar mosques, community energy schemes are hotting up – but so is the fracking scene Robin Hood: one of Britain’s best-loved folk heroes. He speaks to our national love of subverting the rules. Fighting against institutional injustice, he protected the most vulnerable from the predatory practices of a corrupt establishment. […]

Natural Resources Police: Protecting and Preserving the Waters We Love

Here is the latest entry on the blog of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. The entire blog can be found here . View full post on Wind Power News