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Missouri Health, Wind Power, Google Maps, More: Thursday Afternoon Buzz, March 29, 2018

Public News Service: New Website Explores Missouri's Health by Neighborhood . “A new state website has launched, and Missourians can use it to find out about health issues in their area because it narrows them down to specific communities across the state. View full post on Wind Power News

All 438 Central Railway stations to have LED lights by March

Mumbai, Dec 16 – The Central Railway is on way to install energy-saving LED lights at all its 438 stations by March 2018, and exploit solar and wind power in a big way to cut on electricity bills, an official said here on Saturday. The CR and Energy Efficiency Services Ltd have signed an agreement […]

California got 50 percent of its electricity from solar power one day in March

Every so often we hear of countries around the world that are hitting major renewable energy milestones. Whether it be from solar power or wind power or a combination, smaller countries around the world are reaching ambitious renewable energy goals and getting ever closer to removing their dependence on fossil fuels. View full post on […]

North Dakota officials call for wind and coal energy study Friday, March 10

North Dakota legislators have backed a bill calling for a study of the state's energy landscape amid complaints by some that it unfairly favors wind energy over coal. The call for a study was attached to a bill proposed by Republican Sen. Dwight Cook that called for a moratorium of new wind energy projects in […]

Climate march helps to spread awareness

People gathered in Myrick Park Sunday to partake in the Global Climate March, an international event begin organized by . The purpose of the march is to build a global movement and spread awareness, in hopes of combating climate change. View full post on Wind Power News

How renewable energy in South Africa is quietly stealing a march on coal

Solar, biomass and wind energy systems are popping up all over the country and feeding clean energy into the strained electrical grid The howling wind drives the turbines, their blades bent back from the force as they spin in the evening light and send electricity to local villages in South Africa‚Äôs Eastern Cape. High up […]

In this March 20, 2014 photo, a map of the ocean floor along the…

In this March 20, 2014 photo, a map of the ocean floor along the mid-continental shelf off South Carolina is displayed on a computer aboard the research vessel Savannah in Charleston Harbor in Charleston, S.C. College of Charleston students aboard the vessel completed several days of mapping the ocean bottom off South Carolina. View full […]

Campaigners march through Barnstaple to ‘slay’ giant wind farm plan

The man pictured on the bicycle was later ejected from the public meeting at the Park Hotel. View full post on Wind Power News

The U-turn on wind turbines won’t stop their march over every hill and valley | Simon Jenkins

Once planning was the defender of the countryside. But with Cameron’s lot in power, money talks and beauty is silent There is no room for more wind turbines on the uplands of Britain. There are too many lobbyists fighting for money. Thursday’s mild government U-turn on turbines may upset grant-soaked landowners, but is a lifeline […]