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BCC, Bay State Wind will partner on new Mass. energy industry

Community colleges are the nation's rapid response teams for training large numbers of workers for new industries and the ever-changing needs of existing ones. This is an essential role in our economy. View full post on Wind Power News

Talking Points Mass. group betting big on offshore wind

The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal once looked like a costly gamble. The state-backed $113 million project was built to accommodate a new industry: offshore wind energy. View full post on Wind Power News

Mass protests in Taiwan against nuclear energy

Taipei, March 11 – Thousands of citizens took to the streets in Taiwanese capital Taipei on Saturday demanding the closure of atomic power plants and more citizen involvement in decisions on radioactive waste storage. More than 60 anti-nuclear civil society groups rallied to demand greater openness and civic participation in managing nuclear waste, and advocated […]

Nanotech ‘superbatteries’ that can last longer than current tech begin mass production

A Czech company opened on Monday a production line for batteries based on nanotechnology, which uses tiny parts invisible to human eyes. Then, Prague-based company HE3DA said Monday it is ready to launch other lines in a new plant built in eastern Czech Republic, and at a factory in Slovakia. View full post on Wind […]

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (MMMW) – Financial and Strategic SWOT …

The company develops, builds and operates wind energy power plants. It offers solar power solutions for residential and business locations. View full post on Wind Power News

Mass. faces new energy challenges

With a natural gas pipeline proposed for northern Massachusetts still in the planning stages and strong opposition in communities along its route, power experts are saying a shortage of gas supplies in the state and New England in general is driving up prices and forcing greater reliance on coal and oil power generation. View full […]

Mass. To Open 742K Acres For Wind Energy

More than 742,000 acres off the shore of Massachusetts are being opened up for commercial wind energy leasing, state and federal officials announced on Tuesday. View full post on Wind Power News

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. Reports that Low-Cost, Solar-Power…

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. reports that design improvements to the company’s Solar-Power Tracking System have advanced product stability to a level that effectively eliminates most wind-related maintenance issues. View full post on Wind Power News

Mass. wind energy proposals stir another dustup

Lawmakers waded back into a battle waged for years between environmentalists who want to shorten the permitting process for smaller wind energy projects and residents who say their health suffers from living near a turbine. View full post on Wind Power News

Studies cite gains in Mass. renewable energy industry

The state’s clean energy industry continues to thrive, according to two separate reports released Tuesday, with more than 20,000 employees working in renewable energy in Massachusetts and Boston ranked the most energy-efficient US city. View full post on Wind Power News