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Market Matters: The investment that keeps on giving

The state of Connecticut has issued a Request for Proposals to construct an offshore wind farm that will supply significant amounts of energy to the state, which currently relies nearly equally on electricity generated from nuclear and fossil fuel sources. One example of this is wind energy, which provides a wide variety of potential investments […]

Hydro sector firms: Pending matters with states, absence of merchant…

On April 12, 2017, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved listing of NEEPCO by divesting 25 per cent of the central government's shares through IPO. At a time when the Centre seems far from reaching its divestment target for 2017-18, three central public sector units operating in hydro sector – THDC India Limited, North […]

Earth Matters: How prevalent are untruths in environmental debate?

Would Aristotle, Abraham Lincoln or Mohandas Gandhi, three of the most renowned debaters in history, have resorted to making stuff up to win an argument? Lacking the knowledge of Aristotle, the honor of Lincoln or the altruistic goodness of Gandhi, far too many debates in America are dragged through the mud of deceit, half-truths and […]

A company’s perspective on why wind energy matters

The largest economic development project in Iowa history isn’t by the real estate industry or even the ethanol industry. It’s by the wind industry. View full post on Wind Power News

Science Matters: Wind power opponents blow hot air

Opposition to windmills often centres on health effects, but what is it about wind power that causes people to feel ill? According to recent research, it may not be the infrasound from wind-energy installations but, oddly enough, the warnings from opponents. View full post on Wind Power News

Texas Matters: Separating church and state, wind energy & wine

Governor Rick Perry appeals to the religious right by talking about the “myth” of the separation of church and state and Rob Boston from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State responds. View full post on Wind Power News