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Trump likes coal, but that doesn’t mean he’s hostile to wind energy

President Donald Trump has courted coal miners and cast doubt on whether fossils fuel contribute to climate change, but that hasn't translated into hostility for renewable energy – particularly offshore wind. Using federal offshore leases, wind power projects along the East Coast, including off the shores of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia and New York, […]

Baloney Meter: will Liberal carbon tax really mean paying more for everything?

Pedestrians battle the blowing snow and wind chills in the -30C range, Friday, January 5, 2018 in Montreal. As many Canadians shivered through the country's widespread, brutal cold snap in recent weeks, anyone on the Conservative Party of Canada's fundraising list may have felt they had more to make them shudder.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz Pedestrians […]

Does bigger mean better for wind energy?

The Obama administration’s solution for expanding wind power nationwide is to construct taller, more technologically advanced wind turbines that likely will be more difficult and expensive to build. The Department of Energy used last week’s Windpower 2015 Conference to issue a report that shows how the large turbines can spread the promise of wind energy […]

What Does EIA Monterey Shale Downgrade Mean To The Energy Industry?

Occidental shareholders may be punished but the damage may not extend far beyond it as much of the industry has been skeptical about Monterey shale. View full post on Wind Power News

Virtual Power Plants May Mean The End Of The Electrical Grid As We Know It

A recent trend has seen government efforts to switch to energy sources that are variable – wind turbines and solar parks – but those have been expensive and have not caught on because grid structures, industry and private households don’t want to deal with the fluctuations. View full post on Wind Power News

Intertribal wind project could mean big things for South Dakota

According to Bob Gough of the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy, if fully developed, South Dakota has the wind energy capabilities to meet 75% of the nation’s energy needs. View full post on Wind Power News

New mean green wind turbine blades Better than all the rest

New to the UK a new green wind turbine blade heavier stronger very strong carbon and fiber resin materials that make this the ultimate small wind turbine bla…

What Does The Obama Re-Election Mean For Wind?

It is not yet clear whether the November 6 Obama presidential victory will fulfill wind insiders’ repeated predictions that the industry’s vital 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour production tax credit would be extended with the election decided. View full post on Wind Power News

Report: SC wind energy could mean $2 billion in pay

A new study concludes that a wind farm off the South Carolina coast could mean billions of dollars in wages and thousands of jobs. View full post on Wind Power News