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Deterring onshore windfarms means higher energy bills – Lord Deben

Ministers told there is no logical argument against turbines in areas that want them Ministers must come clean to households about the higher energy bills they face if the UK continues to deter new onshore windfarms, the government’s top climate change adviser has said. Lord Deben, the chair of the committee on climate change (CCC), […]

More windfarms in Texas means more dead birds, experts say

Texas is the largest producer of wind energy in the country. On Oct. 10, The Monitor published an article explaining why this might mean more dead birds. View full post on Wind Power News

Massachusetts Energy Bill Emerges from Senate Committee on Ways and Means

Last Friday, the Senate Committee on Ways and Means released its version of the energy bill that passed the House earlier this month. Whereas the House bill would require distribution companies to procure 1,200 MW of offshore wind power by 2027 and 9,450,000 MWH of hydroelectric power by 2022, the Senate's version would require 2,000 […]

NCSU researcher devises means to make wind power friendly to grids

The ups-and-downs of wind power triggered by the shifts in speed pose a threat to generators in power grids, but an NCSU researcher and a colleague at Johns Hopkins say they have devised a mean to smooth out demands of equipment. View full post on Wind Power News

Nuclear power’s broken promises means EDF deal is a delusional dream | Damian Carrington

The cost of nuclear energy has tripled in just five years, while the cost of renewable energy is falling fast, making the UK government’s deal a truly terrible one Energy efficiency is cheapest and the cost of renewable energy is falling. In contrast, gas prices have risen by 50% in five years and the cost […]

Sizing Up Wind Energy: Bigger Means Greener, Study Says

A new study finds that as wind turbines and their blades have gotten larger, increased efficiency in manufacturing and power has made them greener. View full post on Wind Power News