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Renewable energy: rapid acceleration needed to meet 2020 target

Twenty large windfarms would need to be committed to in 2016 to get renewable energy target back on track Meeting Australia’s renewable energy target for 2020 appears increasingly difficult, with a report released on budget night describing the progress so far as “adequate under the circumstances” but saying a rapid acceleration is needed. The Renewable […]

Meet county candidates

Here is a recap of the opening and closing remarks during Tuesday’s debate in Jefferson among the candidates for two of four contested seats on the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors in the April 5 election: “I am not a stranger to this. I was here four years ago,” Lloyd Zastrow said. View full post […]

$39M electrical project aims to meet growing demand

Southwestern Public Service continues to invest billions of dollars in its power system, activating a new $39 million addition this week in the eastern Texas Panhandle to meet growing demand and increase reliability. The project was one of several recommended in a study by the Southwest Power Pool, the grid that serves multiple states and […]

Major energy U-turn needed to meet Paris targets, government warned

Conservatives’ attacks on wind, solar and other ‘clean’ technologies has undermined ability to meet CO2 targets, experts say The government has been warned that a major U-turn in energy policy is required if it is to avoid charges of blatant hypocrisy following the commitments it made in the Paris climate deal this weekend. Critics say […]

Could the U.S. Meet Its ElectricityNeeds With Solar Energy?

The basic “green” project is to replace our current fossil fuel and nuclear power plants with a combination of solar and wind energy. The cost consequences of making this transition to less efficient forms of energy are almost inconceivable, but putting cost to one side, is it even possible? At Watts Up With That?, Tom […]

UK on track to meet its renewable energy targets

Wind power has surged while gas use has fallen by over a fifth, putting UK on course to meet 2020 clean energy and climate goals The UK is on track to meet its renewable energy goals, with wind power substituting for gas and coal use and driving down greenhouse gas emissions, according to new analyses. […]

States work to meet new renewable energy standards

More than five dozen giant turbines erected on a remote mesa in western New Mexico began churning out power for the state’s largest electric provider on New Year’s Day. Tapping into the multimillion-dollar Red Mesa Wind Energy Center marks the latest effort by utility PNM to add more renewable energy resources to its portfolio. View […]

Capturing carbon dioxide emissions needed to meet climate targets

Technologies that are discussed controversially today may be needed to keep the future risks and costs of climate change in check. View full post on Wind Power News

33 wind power projects under development to meet needs

For news details visit : For news details Read on : 33 wind power projects under development to meet needs ISLAMABAD: AEDB is pursuing and facilitating 33 wind power projects which are in different stages of development through collaboration of … (more) View full post on Wind Power News

Airborne Wind Turbines Could Meet World Energy Demand

A new study from the University of Delaware finds that high-altitude wind turbines tethered to the ground like kites could potentially generate enough clean, renewable electricity for the entire world. View full post on Wind Power News