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Tomgram: Michael Klare, Militarizing America’s Energy Policy

Think of President Trump and his administration as a den of thieves. There is, of course, the obvious thievery: what they will in the end, as with the recently passed tax “reform” bill, steal from ordinary citizens and offer as never-ending presents to the already staggeringly wealthy, among them the president himself and son-in-law Jared […]

Michael Gerson: Hunting for a miracle on global warming

In recognition that Internet questionnaires get more eyeballs than earnest columns on energy policy, here is today’s quiz on obscure presidential history: When President George W. Bush met Bill Gates for the first time, the topic of discussion was nuclear power, rural Internet access, global health, or all of those subjects, in considerable depth, in […]

Student Michael Greenberg at the MSCC Wind Energy Rally

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School student Michael Greenberg speaks at the Maryland Student Climate Coalition’s Rally for the Offshore Wind Energy Act of 201…