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Texas wind farms might have dodged a bullet with Hurricane Harvey

Most of the wind farms are in West Texas, far away from the coast. During the hurricane, they continued operating normally. View full post on Wind Power News

Russell Wangersky: If you build it, customers might not exist

The clocks were flashing, there were tire tracks – large-wheeled truck tracks – in the driveway, crumpling one corner of the recently shovelled snowbank. On the deck, big bootprints with a clear deep tread, heading back to where the service line from Newfoundland Power enters plastic conduit on the way to the electric meter. View […]

Wind farms might be killing many more bats than previously estimated

It's no secret that wind power has experienced a boom in recent years, as demand for renewable energy sources grows. But while the technology is adept at helping curb greenhouse-gas emissions, the thousands of new turbines popping up around the globe do have some drawbacks. View full post on Wind Power News

Your new electricity provider might be Bury Council – and bills could tumble

Town hall bosses want to reduce the cost of power, help the environment and find a new way of making money – and this week’s announcement combines all three. The council’s deputy leader, Cllr Rishi Shori said: “We are going to investigate the creation of an energy company, which looks at the generation of power […]

Solar power subsidies cut might save just 50p on average electricity bill

Industry executives say latest government attack on renewable energy will take UK ‘back to the dark ages’, hitting jobs and investment The government has unveiled plans to slash subsidies to solar power projects in an attempt to drive down annual household electricity bills, but later admitted it might save customers just 50p a year. Industry […]

Japana s nuclear jitters might spur exports of U.S. energy

“About 200 cows died,” said Yoshizawa, 60, who’s even angrier now that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to fire up some of Japan’s 48 nuclear reactors that were shut down after the disaster. “No way can I allow him to do it. View full post on Wind Power News

Less Money, Less Problems? Why Declining Renewable Energy Investment Might Be a Good Thing

Renewable energy investments are tumbling worldwide, falling even further from their 2011 high. View full post on Wind Power News

Lichfield’s first-time buyers might just run to a wartime pillbox | Kate Gomez

It’s a nice, safe place to bring up your children. Trouble is, many families can’t afford to live there The lead story in last week’s local newspaper was about a young lad whose short back and sides was considered an extreme hairstyle by his school. It sometimes gets more dramatic than that around here, but […]

Wind energy export system might be too small

The $1.6 billion transmission system to take export Texas Panhandle wind power downstate is almost finished, but the Energy Reliability Council of Texas already is looking at options in case all the announced wind farms are built without enough transmission lines to move their power. View full post on Wind Power News

Might black wind turbines prevent bird collisions?

Four turbines at the SmA la wind farm in Norway are to have one rotor blade painted black to see whether increasing the visual contrast of the turbine against its background might help to reduce bird strikes. View full post on Wind Power News