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Weatherwatch: how to maximise the power from mighty blades

Engineers are working on turbine blades that automatically adjust to high wind pressure and will stand up to strong winds and turbulent gusts Wind turbine blades are getting ever larger and producing more power, but fluctuations in wind speed mean they are not always efficient. Blades can now be 85m long (and will be longer […]

A Mighty Wind Tries to Lift Rig Builders Past Oil’s Downturn

Gulf Island Fabrication Inc. has for decades built hulking platforms to extract oil and natural gas from the seabed. With the collapse of offshore drilling, the company has turned to helping harvest another energy resource: wind. View full post on Wind Power News

‘Cow power’ turns manure, food waste into mighty electricity source

Two of the 1,000 cows at the Stonyvale Farm in Exeter. Waste from the cows and food products are used to produce gas to power electric generators. View full post on Wind Power News