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City angles for money from Saint John Energy projects

The City of Saint John has set up its own company, hoping to cash in on energy projects – despite a provincial ban against municipal adventures in commerce. The city set up the numbered company last year as a potential home for energy projects to be operated by Saint John Energy, the city-owned utility. View […]

QEC reconsiders wind power after new money promised in federal budget

'Even it it's just one initial project, we want to send out that signal and let people know we do want to pursue alternative energy,' says Qulliq Energy Corporation president Bruno Pereira. The president of Nunavut's power corporation says money in the 2017 federal budget will help the territory move away from its reliance on […]

Stiles Brook wind developer pitches fewer turbines, more money

WINDHAM >> The proposed Stiles Brook Wind Project is shrinking, but the site's developer is nevertheless promising a bigger financial reward for the would-be host towns of Windham and Grafton. Iberdrola Renewables has eliminated four of the 28 turbines in the site's original design. View full post on Wind Power News

Chancellor urged to invest public money in renewable energy

Analysis by Green Alliance finds subsidies for fossil fuel generation more costly than simplified system favouring renewables Building more renewable energy capacity with public money would cost less than the current subsidy regime in the UK, a new analysis has found, despite government claims that subsidies are too expensive. Ministers have justified the slashing of […]

Opinion: The smart money is going green

Last month, the world reached a landmark agreement on climate change in Paris. This week, business leaders gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum need to start breathing life into that deal. View full post on Wind Power News

Your Views: Wind energy saves Wisconsinites money despite contrary claims

Thomas Pyle’s Nov. 22 column ignores the benefits of American wind power and distorts its costs, while omitting any mention of Pyle’s work for anti-renewable energy special-interest groups. Wind has been good for Wisconsin. View full post on Wind Power News

Less Money, Less Problems? Why Declining Renewable Energy Investment Might Be a Good Thing

Renewable energy investments are tumbling worldwide, falling even further from their 2011 high. View full post on Wind Power News

Ken Braun: If the climate is ablaze, why waste time and money on wind-powered fire trucks?

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts we can’t stop the impact of rising seas and flooded cities, and demands radical cuts to carbon emissions or Doomsday will be worse. View full post on Wind Power News

With Money to be Made, Wind Power Booms in Oil-Rich Texas

This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. View full post on Wind Power News

Go green and save money on bills

Save on expensive fuel bills and make neighbours green with envy with this guide to adopting an eco-friendly approach to energy: from solar panels to wind turbines. View full post on Wind Power News