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LETTER: State must do much more to develop wind power

It has been said many times that Massachusetts could be “the Saudi Arabia of wind.” The new report from Environment Massachusetts reiterates the same idea. We keep hearing about this great potential for the state to be at the forefront of the offshore wind industry revolution in the United States, but progress so far has […]

Oklahoma’s abundance of wind and natural gas help generate power for much of the nation’s midsection

The Western Farmers-owned Pine Ridge solar generation facility, near Apache, was brought online about a year ago. The cooperative has built various solar generating facilities during the past 18 months to study how they can incorporate that form of power generation into its portfolio. View full post on Wind Power News

SA’s battery is massive, but it can do much more than store energy

Last Friday, the “world's largest” lithium-ion battery was officially opened in South Australia. Tesla's much-anticipated “mega battery” made the ” 100 days or it's free ” deadline, after a week of testing and commissioning. View full post on Wind Power News

Offshore wind power ‘pretty much dead’

A former energy minister has claimed that “offshore wind in Scotland is pretty much dead” after consent for four major east coast projects was overturned in a judicial review. Brian Wilson, a former Labour MP who was an energy minister in Tony Blair's government, made the comment after RSPB Scotland won a legal challenge against […]

Nuclear costs too much for SA but held open as option

Kevin Scarce says nuclear should be part of a consideration of the technologies to meet the challenge of reducing carbon emissions. South Australia’s nuclear royal commission has exposed the high cost of nuclear power for the state but has delivered fresh ammunition for those arguing it should be kept on the table as a valuable […]

Wind Power Will Blow Natural Gas Prices Much Higher

My first article demonstrated clearly that the crash in the natural gas market experienced in the spring, summer, and fall of 2012 was certain to not be sustained. View full post on Wind Power News

Fossil Fuels Subsidized Much More Than Renewables

Subsidies for renewable forms of energy, including solar and wind power, have been on the uptick but are still eclipsed by subsidies provided for fossil fuels, new research shows. View full post on Wind Power News

UKERC: first predictions of how much electricity will cost upto 2040

Predicting how much our energy will cost is critical but not in the least bit easy. UKERC are working on it and have revealed their preliminary findings to the Guardian • Get the data The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) is in the middle of reviewing the many and varied studies that aim to predict […]

How much money do wind subsidies add to domestic fuel bills?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change says green policies add £20 to the average domestic fuel bill each year This question has caused plenty of vexed debate over the past year in the media and among politicians. But the position of Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) is quite clear. In its 2011 […]

Insight -Japan’s nuclear crisis goes much further than Fukushima

On a hillside in northern Japan, wind turbines slice through the cold air, mocking efforts at a nearby industrial complex to shore up the future of the demoralised nuclear power industry. View full post on Wind Power News