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LETTER: State must do much more to develop wind power

It has been said many times that Massachusetts could be “the Saudi Arabia of wind.” The new report from Environment Massachusetts reiterates the same idea. We keep hearing about this great potential for the state to be at the forefront of the offshore wind industry revolution in the United States, but progress so far has […]

Nuclear must be part of the low-carbon mix | Letters

Agneta Rising of the World Nuclear Association and Dr Alexander Bannara reply to criticisms of the industry Re David Lowry’s criticisms of nuclear energy (Letters, 17 September), it is true that nuclear plants stop generating temporarily for maintenance and repair, but the same is true for most other forms of electricity generation. However, on average […]

The American people – not Big Oil – must decide our climate future | Senator Bernie Sanders and Mark Jacobson

We must aggressively transition our energy system away from fossil fuels and toward clean, renewable energy solutions. And we need to do so now The debate facing our world today is not whether we need to address climate change. That debate is far, far behind us. The issue is how to address climate change – […]

Wind energy must do more to protect eagles

Tom Vinson, in his letter on wind turbines and eagles, writes, “More than 90 percent of wind projects have zero impact. Of those that do, the vast majority impact a single eagle over 30 years.” View full post on Wind Power News

Josh Frydenberg must find a way to cut electricity costs

State and territory energy ministers will come together on Friday on the back of a fear campaign run by opponents and competitors of wind power. But federal minister Josh Frydenberg has called their bluff. View full post on Wind Power News

Lyme, Brownville must wake up to realities

There is an ill wind blowing over Jefferson County. Two mammoth wind energy projects are poised to seek approval from the state Public Service Commission for their Galloo Island and Horse Creek wind farms. View full post on Wind Power News

French energy minister: Hinkley C must not ‘dry out’ renewables funding

France’s energy minister Segolene Royal has backed union demands for the EDF’s Hinkley C project in Somerset to be re-examined, write Angelique Chrisafis & Chris Johnston – adding that the project must not go ahead if it would ‘dry out’ funds needed for EDF’s renewable energy program. I think the project should bring supplementary proof […]

Government must explain removal of support for onshore wind, advisers say

Lords Deben and Krebs say end of subsidies is political step by government, which must explain cost and what will be done instead to meet targets The government must explain how its withdrawal of support from onshore windfarms will affect the cost of meeting greenhouse gas emissions targets, and urgently set out plans for alternative […]

North East could create 20,000 energy jobs by 2030 – but Government must back region

The North East could cement its title as the UK’s “engine room” as experts predict 20,000 new energy jobs could be created by 2030. But the new Government must back regional energy policy and enable closer working with Scottish firms if the region is to cash in on its renewable power sector, says Mark Stephenson, […]

Fight to bring wind energy project off coast of Atlantic City must continue: Letter

It defied logic that the state Board of Public Utilities would fail to support the proposed wind energy project off the coast of Atlantic City. The project has the opportunity to bring jobs to Atlantic City and the region at a time when Atlantic City is in dire straights. View full post on Wind Power […]