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Pumped hydro projects unveiled as Tasmania bids to be ‘battery of the nation’

State and federal governments to confirm that 14 lake sites have been earmarked Pumped hydro projects generating energy at twice the scale of the much-vaunted Snowy 2.0 scheme will be identified across Tasmania on Wednesday, with modelling suggesting the proposal could deliver thousands of jobs between now and 2028. The Turnbull and Hodgman governments will […]

Don’t let TSB’s woes convince you Britain is a nation of tech dunces

Despite high-profile incidents like the one that has hit the UK bank, the UK’s record on bungling IT projects is hardly different to other leading nations It was all so different for Paul Pester last December. Unveiling TSB’s new banking platform, he claimed that it had created “a more digital, agile and flexible TSB”. Before […]

Hopes for Tasmania’s ‘Battery of the Nation’ dangle by a cable, or two

Back in late 2015, nine months before South Australia blacked out after an extreme storm event, Tasmania entered an energy crisis of its own The single undersea high-voltage electricity cable linking the island state with the mainland failed about a 100 km off the Tasmanian coast. Engineers took six months to find and fix the […]

This tiny nation has generated 100% of its power without any…

According to a report from Grupo ICE , the country's utilities conglomerate, Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable energy sources for over two months. The company reports that the last time gas-powered electricity was used was June 16. Of the entire year so far, the country has had 151 total days in which […]

LIPA on verge of leading nation wind power deal

This turbine is similar to those being proposed for waters off the South Fork. This turbine is in the Block Island Wind Farm. View full post on Wind Power News

Iowa tops nation in wind energy

Diane and I spent an evening at the Sondheim Theater enjoying a unique experience as we listened to a Ukulele Orchestra from New Zealand. The theater was nearly full and busloads of people from as far away as the Quad Cities were in attendance. View full post on Wind Power News

Red Hook: Berth of a nation! Red Hook dock owner wants to house historic S.S. United States

Ship shape: The S.S. United States once hosted celebrities like John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, but is not looking so grand these days. The owners of historic luxury passenger liner the S.S. United States – which is currently wasting away in a Philadelphia berth – are trying to save the ship from the scrap […]

Alabama county No. 1 in nation for number of tornado watches

Data from the Storm Prediction Center show that Alabama’s Washington County leads the nation in the number of average annual tornado watches. Not only does Alabama have a lot of tornadoes — but it gets more than its fair share of tornado watches. View full post on Wind Power News

Judge rules against Osage Nation in wind power lawsuit

An Oklahoma federal judge has rejected arguments from the Osage Nation and U.S. Interior Department that digging foundations for wind turbines violates tribal mineral rights. The tribe and federal government filed a lawsuit in November, arguing that excavating for wind turbine foundations in Osage County had removed limestone and other near-surface minerals belonging to the […]

Texas leads nation in wind power

Texas leads the nation in total output of wind energy, according to two new reports from the federal Department of Energy. The Lone Star State has installed more than 14,000 megawatts of power – more than twice as much as California, the next-highest state. View full post on Wind Power News