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UK Power Down 21% in December Natural Gas Prices Resilient as BBL Contracts Expire

UK day-ahead wholesale electricity prices fell 21% on average last month but remain 41% up year-on-year, S&P Global Platts data show. UK natural gas prices proved more resilient, down just 3% month-on-month to end-December and still 36% higher year-on-year. View full post on Wind Power News

Enbridge looking to invest in natural gas, renewable energy projects: CEO

Enbridge Inc. chief executive Al Monaco says his company is aiming to invest $1-billion a year in natural gas and renewable energy projects, as it looks to rebalance its earnings away from oil over the longer term and take advantage of the global push to a lower-carbon economy. Mr. Monaco – whose company is vilified […]

Pearl station is latest link in a natural gas highwaya

The first liquified natural gas fueling station in Mississippi has been opened, adding a link to what has been called the natural gas highway. View full post on Wind Power News

Letter: Kansas should turn natural resources into power

The study conducted by Randy Simmons, the “Charles G. Koch” Professor at Utah State University and a major recipient of funding from the fossil fuel industry billionaires, and his colleague contains major errors. Once these errors are corrected, my analysis shows state Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, which require that a certain percentage of electricity come […]

If I were king, I’d protect our natural beauty and the starry heaven above | Andrew Motion

No building on the greenbelt; down with giant wind turbines; light pollution turned off – and a countryside holiday for all children At one second past midnight I shall establish the Royal Environmental Action Programme (Reap). Its first assignment will be to scrap all existing proposals to build on the greenbelt. Henceforth, the greenbelt will […]

Analysis: Solar & wind power costs are huge compared to natural gas fired generation

Ed Hoskins has done an analysis of cost ratios, and no matter what your viewpoint of economics might be, the numbers here don’t lie. Without being propped up by subsidies, solar and wind aren’t even in the race as their competitiveness leaves them at the starting line while cheap natural gas runs laps around the […]

Natural Resources Police: Protecting and Preserving the Waters We Love

Here is the latest entry on the blog of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. The entire blog can be found here . View full post on Wind Power News

Study: Western wind power to compete with natural gas

A GE 1.6-100 wind turbine is pictured at a wind farm in Tehachapi, California June 19, 2013. View full post on Wind Power News

Letter: Let natural gas power the future

Due to the economies of scale, our energy future appears to be tied to methane and coal for most electrical generation. View full post on Wind Power News

US Wind Power Growth May Surpass Natural Gas and Coal for 2012

According to current data, wind power capacity in the United States might beat natural gas and coal in 2012. View full post on Wind Power News