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‘Drunk tanks only work if everyone is thoroughly checked out’: your best comments today

We’re highlighting interesting conversations on the site – including ‘booze buses’ and the train journey helping millennials search for love Discussion today has focused on alcohol recovery units, plans to build a power hub on an artificial island, and talking openly about sex. To join in you can click on the links in the comments […]

Wind Power Juggernaut Really doing for 100K Workers what Trump only Promised

Big news on the wind power front. First, it has emerged in the US as the number one renewable energy source , generating more electricity than hydro-electric for the first time. View full post on Wind Power News

Hinkley Point C is not only new energy option, says windfarm developer

Henrik Poulsen of Dong says UK investment in turbines and offshore farms can power country without new nuclear station The biggest offshore windfarm developer in Britain has said the country can meet its future energy commitments without the £18bn Hinkley Point C nuclear project. Henrik Poulsen, chief executive of Dong Energy, said wind turbines could […]

‘Karnataka tapped only miniscule portion of potential wind energy’

Karnataka has only tapped a miniscule amount of its wind energy generation potential, leading wind energy company officials said on Thursday. Though Karnataka is one of the first movers to take up wind energy, its installed capacity is only 2,600 MW while the potential is about 56,000 MW, said Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association chairman […]

Why Only Part-Constructed? (profanity alert):

These words come from Craig Mundie, former head of research at Microsoft, speaking at the Ambrosetti Forum in the palatial surroundings of the Villa d’Este Hotel on Italy’s Lake Garda last weekend. It’s an artful phrase, the geopolitics of technology, and it’s dropped into the “global conversation” at a well-chosen time. View full post on […]

Wind farms to blink only when necessary

Wind power has been booming in Germany since the beginning of the energy transition. View full post on Wind Power News

A green economy is the future, but John Hayes only looks to the past | Andrew Simms

The Tory energy minister has had it with windfarms apparently – an inconsistent, ignorant and damaging stance “Enough is enough” says Conservative energy minister John Hayes about the building of onshore windfarms in Britain. It makes you wonder where else in energy policy he might consider enough to be enough: the accumulation of hazardous, long-term […]

Coal Is Only Real Energy Option

In some ways it is unfair to blame President Barack Obama entirely for the self-destructive energy policy on which the United States has embarked. View full post on Wind Power News

Why there’s only one honest objection to wind farms | Damian Carrington

The daft claim that wind subsidies have driven 50,000 people into fuel poverty exemplifies the dishonesty of most objections Here’s a little gem that exemplifies the fundamental dishonesty underlying all but one of the objections deployed against onshore wind farms. The Sunday Telegraph reported that “subsidies paid to windpower companies are forcing up to 50,000 […]

Only renewables – not nuclear – could be too cheap to meter | Damian Carrington

Germany’s long support for wind and solar energy is delivering zero-cost electricity at times. In contrast, the UK’s new energy policy seeks to underwrite the rising cost of nuclear “Too cheap to meter”: that was the infamous boast of the nuclear power industry in its heyday. It has been catastrophically discredited by history. Yet the […]