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Op-ed: If elections weren’t enough, now Russia wants to interfere with American energy

Thanks to the shale revolution, movement from coal to natural gas has already reduced carbon emissions from electricity production to late 1980s levels. There is little doubt that Russia influenced and manipulated United States politics. View full post on Wind Power News

Op-ed: Everything we need to make a healthy climate is at our fingertips

We are on the threshold of an exciting clean energy era. Amazing things happen at an accelerated pace when innovation merges with demand. View full post on Wind Power News

Newsweek: We didn’t vet wind power op-ed

Newsweek didn’t vet the author of an op-ed piece critical of wind energy who turned out to have ties to oil groups, the magazine’s managing editor told the On Media blog on Wednesday. The piece by Randy Simmons, published on April 11, questions the true cost of wind power to American taxpayers. View full post […]

Op-ed: Wind power blows past distortions of fossil-fueled opponents

The op-ed in The Salt Lake Tribune by Randy Simmons, a Charles G. Koch Professor of Political Economy at Utah State University, was riddled with factual errors that are a disservice to readers. The Department of Energy’s recently released “Wind Vision” report is no doubt what prompted the rant against wind energy. View full post […]

Op-ed: Stop dumping billions into unreliable wind power

During George W. Bush’s administration, the Department of Energy set a wildly unrealistic goal to have 20 percent of the nation’s electricity come from wind by 2030. Now, the Obama Administration wishes to fulfill that goal by passing permanent subsidies for wind power. View full post on Wind Power News

Op-ed: The longer we wait on global warming . . .

Atmospheric CO2 is approaching 400 parts per million for the first time in about 15 million years. View full post on Wind Power News