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With Christie gone, New Jersey can finally gets its clean energy act together | Opinion

New Jersey legislators are poised to set the state on a path to becoming one of the nation's cleanest-energy states. After eight years of Gov. Chris Christie's pandering to the fossil fuel industry, putting the kibosh on efforts to cut carbon pollution, and then attempting a misguided, last-minute bailout of the state's struggling nuclear plants, […]

Our Opinion: SJC blocks an end run on pipeline costs

The state Supreme Judicial Court's ruling Wednesday that ratepayers cannot be asked to help pay for construction of gas pipelines was not only a wise decision it was basically the only one possible under the law. The SJC found that the strategy of the state Department of Public Utilities to encourage natural gas pipeline construction […]

Opinion: The smart money is going green

Last month, the world reached a landmark agreement on climate change in Paris. This week, business leaders gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum need to start breathing life into that deal. View full post on Wind Power News

Opinion: Thomas Edison’s bright idea: solar

It dawned on Thomas Edison that sunshine could drive both his inventions and his friend Henry Ford’s horseless carriages. “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy,” he told Ford and Harvey Firestone, another enterprising inventor. View full post on Wind Power News

Clean fuels program is a worthwhile investment: Guest opinion

The Oregonian does us a disservice by playing its own numbers game in opposing Oregon’s vehicle Clean Fuels standard. The newspaper’s Dec. 14 editorial challenged Gov. John Kitzhaber’s assertion that moving to cleaner fuels could save Oregon drivers “up to $1.6 billion” in fuel costs. View full post on Wind Power News

How wind power helps rural Oregon: Guest opinion

Dryland farmers are resourceful by nature. Over the centuries, we’ve learned how to grow crops with little to no rain. View full post on Wind Power News

Opinion: It’s time to think about renewables

Windmills on a windfarm near Lethbridge. Alberta should turn its attention to its abundant renewable power resources, says Mike Hudema, of Greenpeace. View full post on Wind Power News

Tribune Opinion: Wind energy industry needs stability

A blade from Vestas’ blade-manufacturing facility in Windsor. Vestas plans to hire more people at the facility, and two others in Brighton, this year to keep up with demand. View full post on Wind Power News

Opinion Staff wrote a new blog post: Iowa leading the way in wind energy

In the July 15 guest column “A bright future,” Kimberly Dickey provided a great snapshot of the state of renewable energy in Iowa. View full post on Wind Power News