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Hydro-Qu bec Hydro-Qu bec offers large-scale energy options to Massachusetts

To meet Massachusetts' energy needs, Hydro-Quebec is proposing six options either 100% hydropower or a hydro-wind supply blend offered over one of three proposed new transmission lines. Through innovative partnerships with proven leaders in New England's energy sector and experienced Quebec wind power producers, this new supply of clean energy would be provided to Massachusetts […]

Wind, solar energy real options for Canada’s remote Arctic communities

The Raglan Mine's wind turbine in Quebec. A new study says bringing solar and wind energy to remote Arctic communities is not only environmentally beneficial, but it will also mean big savings. View full post on Wind Power News

Non-nuclear options for constant energy | Letters

Energy secretary Amber Rudd (Letters, 21 April) clearly has the gift of clairvoyance. She says that no liabilities would fall to the UK taxpayer or consumer should Hinkley Point C be cancelled. Who, pray, would foot the bill to complete the project should EDF withdraw after a few years of construction when cost and time […]

Students explore renewable energy options for Tonga

The five University of Canterbury students looked into different options for energy, including producing a biofuel from coconuts. Photo / iStock / Getty Images Different options including wind power, tidal energy and solar power were modelled for three different island groups: Ha’apai, Vava’u and Tongatapu. View full post on Wind Power News

Esperance investigates alternative energy options

A variety of renewable energy sources will be investigated over the next two decades in the Shire of Esperance in an effort to reduce high electricity costs. The council said the cost of power in Esperance was so high it would hinder efforts to expand the town’s economy and population in years to come. View […]

Network claims options for coalminers when jobs end

Coal Action Network Aotearoa members Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rosemary Penwarden were at Venture Southland in Invercargill yesterday to discuss a report about jobs after coalmining and alternatives to coal. View full post on Wind Power News