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Hitachi to take part in Taiwan’s shift in energy policy

Hitachi Ltd. and a Belgium company has signed a contract with Taiwan's state-owned power utility to build offshore wind turbines on the island's west coast as part of the government's ambitious plan to replace nuclear power with renewable energy. While the Jan De Nul Group will be responsible for the design and installation of the […]

Homeowners get solar panels installed as part of a Solarize Tonawandaa program

Chelsea Manning intends to run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, returning the transgender former soldier to the s TULSA, Okla. – Landry Shamet and backcourt mate Conner Frankamp each scored 16 points and No. View full post on Wind Power News

Nuclear must be part of the low-carbon mix | Letters

Agneta Rising of the World Nuclear Association and Dr Alexander Bannara reply to criticisms of the industry Re David Lowry’s criticisms of nuclear energy (Letters, 17 September), it is true that nuclear plants stop generating temporarily for maintenance and repair, but the same is true for most other forms of electricity generation. However, on average […]

Doing my part in a time of real crisis

Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected, including staff and volunteers of non-governmental organization WindAid Institute based in the city of Trujillo. In Peru, many villages are, in actual fact, not connected to the electricity grid; this is due in large part to the fact that conditions are often ideal for small scale wind […]

P.E.I. plans more wind power, part of newly released energy strategy

P.E.I. will be adding more wind power to its energy mix, as part of a new energy strategy announced this morning. The 10-year plan includes another 30 megawatts of wind power by 2019-2020 and another 40 megawatts by 2025-2026. View full post on Wind Power News

Brookfield to buy TerraForm companies as part of SunEdison bankruptcy proceedings

The Brookfield group of companies is poised to expand its solar and wind power holdings through a pair of deals to acquire control of TerraForm Power and TerraForm Global for a total of about US$500 million. Brookfield Renewable Partners LP would buy 100 per cent of TerraForm Global and 51 per cent of TerraForm Power, […]

New York wind farm part of larger offshore energy ambitions

A New York utility plans to construct a wind farm off eastern Long Island that would be the nation's largest offshore wind energy project, three times larger than one due to go online this year off Rhode Island. A New York utility plans to approve a wind farm off eastern Long Island that it says […]

No-brainer for Aust to be part of nuclear waste storage says ex ALP Minister

Former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans says it’s a ”no-brainer” that Australia should be involved in nuclear waste disposal and storage. Former Labor Foreign Minister Gareth Evans says Australia should set up a nuclear waste disposal and storage facility because it will be economically lucrative and enhance the nation’s standing on the world stage. View full […]

Local Take: Do you take part in Earth Day? Does it do any good?

Earth Day, a day to celebrate the life-sustaining gifts of Mother Earth and campaign against harmful environmental practices, got off to a booming start on April 22, 1970, under the leadership of visionary Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson. More than a million people flooded into closed-off 5th Avenue in New York City on that day, engraving […]

Daylight Saving Time Extension Was Part Of Energy, Tax Package: Was It Worth It?

If it feels like Daylights Savings Time was creeping up on you again this year, you’re right. View full post on Wind Power News