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Build your own mini wind turbine from printer parts

For all the DIY-ers and parents and teachers who want to get hands-on with renewable energy, building a micro wind turbine could be a great little project. It’s not nearly big enough to power anything large, but it could certainly be put to use as a demonstration of wind energy, and might even be worth […]

Owen Paterson: fracking would be boon for poorest parts of the UK

Former environment secretarys comments a reminder of just how out of touch the Tories are, says Labour Fracking could be a financial boon to poor and remote parts of the UK, according to former environment secretary and climate change sceptic Owen Paterson. The Conservative MP, sacked by David Cameron in July, also said the government […]

BBC Chile brings wind power parts to Twin Ports

The BBC Chile could be seen sitting at the Duluth Seaway Port Authority terminal this weekend; wind, waves, and all. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind turbine what not to buy unless you want parts hitting neighbors houses

junk wanna be pma i bought to show how crappy these are and why to buy Missouri Wind and solar parts.

10 of the weirder parts of the deal

By now, we’ve heard all about the big stuff in the fiscal cliff bill that finally passed on Tuesday. View full post on Wind Power News

Vt. wind project builder to move parts by rail

The Vermont utility building a 21-turbine wind power project on Lowell Mountain plans to deliver turbine parts by rail, saving an estimated 20,000 miles of truck traffic. View full post on Wind Power News

Green Power Easy Solar Panel Parts Video From Our Top Pick Green power easy has ALL the information you need to convert your whole house to alternative energy. Green power easy shows you how to build your own soar panel and wind turbine. See in this video that the parts to build a solar panel are few. They fit on the picnic table outside. He […]