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Energy Secretary Rick Perry visits the Kodiak Archipelago

Sen. Lisa Murkowski and U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry visit Kodiak's wind turbines on their short trip to the archipelago. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and the U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry hopped on a plane and took a quick detour to the small community of Old Harbor. View full post on Wind Power News

Rick Perry touts Trump’s energy agenda, saying the U.S. is ‘exporting freedom’

The Trump administration has put an “America first” mentality at the forefront of its policy agenda. And now Energy Secretary Rick Perry is putting an international spin on that mantra. View full post on Wind Power News

Perry pursuing policy on coal, nuclear power at odds with Texas record

An unusual coalition of fossil fuel interests, environmentalists and free-market adherents has criticized a proposal from U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry that would prop up coal and nuclear plants across the country. And some of those familiar with Texas politics are wondering if the Perry that served as governor for 14 years would have opposed […]

Perry study backfires again: Draft praises efficiency standards he is stalling

A leaked draft study of the electric grid requested by Energy Secretary Rick Perry found that federal energy efficiency policies are in the process of saving U.S. consumers and businesses more than a half trillion dollars. Meanwhile, the new administration is halting energy efficiency policies and gutting funding for energy efficiency improvements for American homes. […]

Birding groups sue Ohio Air National Guard to block wind-turbine at Camp Perry

State and national birding groups sued the Ohio Air National Guard on Monday, asking a federal court to block construction of a large wind turbine at Camp Perry near Lake Erie. The Black Swamp Bird Observatory, based in Oak Harbor in Ottawa County, suspects the proposed wind turbine would violate the Endangered Species Act, posing […]

Senate confirms Carson, Perry for housing, energy posts

Two of President Donald Trump's former rivals for the GOP White House nomination won Senate confirmation Thursday to join his administration. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was confirmed as secretary of the Department of House and Urban Development on a vote of 58-41. View full post on Wind Power News

Rick Perry confirmed as Energy secretary by the Senate

The Senate voted Thursday afternoon to confirm Rick Perry as the nation's next Energy secretary, putting the former Texas governor atop a department he once recommended eliminating entirely. Mr. Perry was confirmed by a vote of 62 to 37, drawing the support of 11 Democrats and all Republicans in the chamber, other than Georgia Sen. […]

In Texas, Perry was – all of the above’ on energy production

Years before the Democratic president endorsed all types of energy production – from oil and gas to renewable sources like wind and solar power – Perry was putting the policy into practice in Texas. During Perry's record 14-year tenure as governor, Texas maintained its traditional role as a top driller for oil and natural gas, […]

Rick Perry Doled Out Billions in Grants and Tax Incentives for Corporations While Governor of Texas

Donald Trump's selection of Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy has prompted many Democrats to question Perry's qualifications for the position. While he governed a state rich in fossil fuels and wind energy, Perry has far less experience than President Obama's two energy secretaries, both physicists, in the department's primary work, such as […]