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Trump’s plan to bail out failing fossil fuels with taxpayer subsidies is perverse | Dana Nuccitelli

Coal can no longer compete in the free market, so the Trump administration wants to prop it up with taxpayer subsidies The conservative philosophy of allowing an unregulated free market to operate unfettered often seems to fall by the wayside when the Republican Party’s industry allies are failing to compete in the marketplace. Trump’s Energy […]

Cutting the onshore wind subsidy is perverse nimbyism | Polly Toynbee

The planet is warming at record rates, yet the Tories’ reckless loyalty to its shire heartlands takes precedence over policy, science and economics Today, the government fulfils one of its most perverse manifesto pledges – to end the subsidy for onshore wind turbines a year early, in April 2016. This is cavalier and contrary policy-making, […]