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Azerbaijan to lure private investments to wind plants construction

Azerbaijan's State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources will present documents to the Cabinet of Ministers in order to attract private investments in the construction of wind power plants in the country, the Agency's Deputy Head Jamil Malikov told Trend. “As part of the strategic roadmap for the development of public services by 2020, […]

Nuclear power plants in NJ – Arguments pro and con

In New Jersey, we continue to hear about expanding solar and wind power – but 50 percent of all of the energy currently used by Garden State residents and businesses comes from nuclear power plants. Three of the four plants that are operational – the Salem 1 and 2 plants and the Hope Creek plants […]

Industry leaders say coal-fire power plants becoming obsolete

Although the Trump administration announced the nation's so-called “war against coal is over,” Michigan's largest utility believes there's no future left for such a dirty, carbon-dense fuel and is making plans to phase out all of its coal-based energy production within 23 years – including its massive coal-fired power plant in Monroe, one of America's […]

As more sources enter power grid, coal plants adjust

Another wakeup call went out this week as area leaders were told that changes in the West's power supply and consumption is impacting how Rocky Mountain Power operates and staffs their two power plants here locally. In a meeting sponsored by BEAR – Business Expansion and Retention – an update on the two power plants […]

Pull the plug on planet-warming power plants

Arthur Kremer argues for building natural gas-burning, greenhouse gas-emitting plants because the city will lose a quarter of its power with the shuttering of Indian Point . He is proposing the replacement of one dangerous source of power with another. View full post on Wind Power News

Economics says time to shut down some coal plants

From Think Progress : Sadly the graph isn't global, it's for the 15 US states with the best wind resources. But for those states it's saying that the cost of just operating and fueling coal plants exceeds the cost for wind power of constructing, operating, and fueling. View full post on Wind Power News

Nuclear power plants may not keep Britain’s lights on, say Lib Dems

Party raises concerns over nuclear costs as Vince Cable says record low wind power prices should lead to ‘radical reappraisal’ New nuclear power stations may not be the best option for keeping Britain’s lights on and meeting the country’s carbon targets, the Liberal Democrats have said. The party said there were legitimate concerns over nuclear’s […]

Two wind power plants to be built in South Pakistan

China Three Gorges Corporation , one of the world's largest energy companies, has planned to start construction of two more wind power plants in energy starved Pakistan's southern province of Sindh later this month, officials said on Saturday. The two projects, Three Gorges Second Wind Farm Pakistan and Three Gorges Third Wind Farm Pakistan, with […]

Egat seeks authority to build more power plants

THE Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand will ask the energy regulator to allow it to build more renewable-power plants and to raise its power-generation proportion to half of the country's total generating capacity, in a bid to strengthen national power-supply security. In his first media conference since become Egat governor last month , Kornrasit Pakchotanon […]

Most of Nunavut’s power plants need replacing, says Qulliq Energy Corporation

The Qulliq Energy Corporation says Pangnirtung’s power plant that was destroyed by fire last year is at the top of its replacement list along with the aging plants in Cape Dorset , Grise Fiord and Cambridge Bay. “Replacement for those ones would have to go through our board because it is ultimately the ratepayer who […]