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Pull the plug on planet-warming power plants

Arthur Kremer argues for building natural gas-burning, greenhouse gas-emitting plants because the city will lose a quarter of its power with the shuttering of Indian Point . He is proposing the replacement of one dangerous source of power with another. View full post on Wind Power News

Developer pulls plug on proposed wind farm near Searchlight

Turbine towers as tall as the Palms reach into the sky at the Spring Valley Wind Energy facility near Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada on Aug. 14, 2014. The wind farm is facing renewed scrutiny after the death of a second, federally protected golden eagle at the site. View full post on Wind […]

Clean energy bank ‘seeks legal advice’ after Coalition pulls plug on wind and solar projects

Abbott government insists the Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s mandate is to focus solely on ‘new and emerging technologies’ The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is seeking legal advice after the government instructed it to halt investment in wind power and small-scale solar projects. On Sunday the federal government confirmed that wind and rooftop solar projects […]

How to hook up a wind turbine to plug in grid tie inverter Missouri Wind and Solar review report

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PLUG IN GRID TIE INVERTER do it yourself grid tie inverter THAT PLUGS INTO WALL OUTLET.Almost anyone can install this it’s just that easy. You can buy the kill a watt meter and the grid tie inverters from our website link above. Missouri Wind And Solar or on ebay , click this link http Or you can find it […]