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UK windfarms cheaper than Hinkley Point, experts claim

Analysts predict sea change in energy policy as falling costs for offshore power will charge UK taxpayer at least 10% less than deal handed to new nuclear plant Windfarms around Britain’s coast will beat the planned nuclear power station Hinkley Point on price when the winning bidders for a £290m-a-year pot of government subsidies are […]

Nuclear is to wind as Betamax is to Netflix – why Hinkley Point C is a turkey | Letters

Christopher Jessop on why the UK is still backing nuclear power as others dump it; Andrew Warren on how energy efficiency can save us from the ‘energy gap’; Brian Price on the inaccuracy of a 2007 prediction by the head of EDF You report (4 July) that the cost of Hinkley C power station has just […]

Riverkeeper Applauds Indian Point Closing

On Monday, Entergy, which owns Indian Point, announced it will close the nuclear plant by 2021 as part of an agreement with Riverkeeper, an Ossining-based organization dedicated to defending New York's waterways. As part of the agreement that was brokered with Entergy and New York State, Riverkeeper agreed to drop its lawsuits against the plant. […]

Turning point: Solar becomes cheaper than wind energy

There's a transformation happening in global energy markets that's worth noting as 2016 comes to an end: Solar power, for the first time, is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity. There have been isolated projects in the past where this happened: An especially competitive auction in the Middle East, for example, resulting in record-cheap […]

If wind and solar power are cheaper and quicker, do we really need Hinkley Point?

Nuclear energy’s cost, and a focus on alternative technology, including research on a new generation of hi-tech battery storage, is leading observers outside the green lobby to question the project’s value Should Theresa May take the axe to the troubled Hinkley Point nuclear project, it will propel wind and solar power further into the limelight. […]

Crown estate wades into Hinkley Point nuclear debate

Body says, with government reviewing £18.5bn project, benefits of renewables such as offshore wind should be looked at The crown estate has waded into the battle over Hinkley Point, pointing out that offshore windfarms are already being built at cheaper prices than the proposed atomic reactors for Somerset. While not arguing the £18.5bn nuclear project […]

Hinkley Point C is not only new energy option, says windfarm developer

Henrik Poulsen of Dong says UK investment in turbines and offshore farms can power country without new nuclear station The biggest offshore windfarm developer in Britain has said the country can meet its future energy commitments without the £18bn Hinkley Point C nuclear project. Henrik Poulsen, chief executive of Dong Energy, said wind turbines could […]

Solar and Wind Just Passed Another Big Turning Point

Wind power is now the cheapest electricity to produce in both Germany and the U.K., even without government subsidies, according to a new analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance . It’s the first time that threshold has been crossed by a G7 economy. View full post on Wind Power News

Are we reaching a positive climate change tipping point?

Despite low oil prices, the latest figures reveal a striking turnaround in solar and wind power investment, but are we really about to win the carbon war? Are we tipping the right way? One of the great environmental stories is of how catastrophe can creep up and be noticed only when it is too late […]

Clean Energy Tipping Point [Greg Laden’s Blog]

Investment in and development of clean energy seems to be undergoing a transition, and this is reflected in a number of items that came across my desk this morning. View full post on Wind Power News