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Americans want a tax on carbon pollution, but how to get one? | Dana Nuccitelli

A new study finds that Americans are willing to pay an extra $15 per month on energy bills to tackle climate change. According to a new study published by Yale scientists in Environmental Research Letters, Americans are willing to pay a carbon tax that would increase their household energy bills by per month, or about […]

Electric cars are pollution shifters: we will need huge investment in generation capacity | Letters

Household vehicle charging will be the equivalent of running an electric shower for hours on end, argues Colin Read There seems to be little understanding of the simple fact that electric vehicles (EV) are, in the main, pollution shifters – from tailpipe to power generation facility (Ban from 2040 on diesel and petrol car sales, […]

Wind-power pollution: turbine oil seeps into the land in Mexico

Wind turbines were planted along a strip of Mexico's southern coast to make the country's power industry cleaner. Now they're spilling oil. View full post on Wind Power News

China to Halt New Coal Mine Approvals Amid Pollution Fight

China will stop approving new coal mines for the next three years and continue to trim production capacity as the world’s biggest energy consumer tries to shift away from the fuel as it grapples with pollution. China will suspend the approval of new mines starting in 2016 and will cut coal’s share of its energy […]

Asian Nations Take Steps on Pollution After Climate-Change Deal

Several Asian nations have announced independent measures to curb climate change as 195 countries signed a deal in Paris this weekend that will change the world’s energy policies in a bid to limit fossil-fuel production. The Indian government halted registration Friday of diesel- powered vehicles in New Delhi until Jan. 6, the date of the […]

Peak Pollution: China to Lead the Clean Energy Revolution

Though few would guess it, the country is already home to the largest wind and solar markets in the world. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind Energy In Iowa Cuts 8.4 Million Tons Of Carbon Pollution Per Year

Iowa’s hugely successful wind industry isn’t just an economic driver, it’s having a major impact on cutting pollution and saving water. View full post on Wind Power News

Energy blow as wind power fuels pollution

The UK is becoming “increasingly dependent” on cheap coal to generate electricity and fill the gaps when there isn’t enough wind, says the Renewable Energy Foundation. View full post on Wind Power News