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Wind turbines spur property rights debate

INDIANAPOLIS – Some companies and citizens are at odds when it comes to who should have the power to determine where wind turbines are built. “I've lived in the same house for 60 years and I like to get to get up and see the sunrise not a bunch of metal and things flying around,” […]

Property, wind turbines: What the discussion misses

There has been discussion recently over a possible wind farm in my county. Residents close to the proposed turbine towers are concerned about the health effects, about disrupted rural landscape and about what it will do to their property values. View full post on Wind Power News

Oklahomans file lawsuit over health concerns, property values against wind energy company

The group says they believe the wind turbines that are planned to be built in their community will have adverse effects on their health and property values. View full post on Wind Power News

Danbury wind farm article focuses on property values

Danbury voters OK’d an article designed to protect residents from one of the primary fears voiced by opponents of proposed wind power projects in the Lakes Region – a potential loss of property values from a 500-foot wind tower built nearby. View full post on Wind Power News

Florida Man Installs Wind Turbine On His Property

Amid the recent economic downturn, demand in the U.S. is rising for small wind turbines to power people’s homes. The American Wind Energy Association says sa…

Increase for Nebraska property tax credit fails

Lawmakers have rejected an attempt to add $7.5 million in yearly funding to Nebraska’s property tax credit program. View full post on Wind Power News